How to buy KALI Coin in ICO?

Feb 11, 2018 · 2 min read

Step #1: You should have Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin, Ether, or LiteCoin to participate in the KALI Coin ICO.

Step #2: In case if you don’t have either of them, then you will have to purchase it from your respective country’s exchange.

Step #3: Assuming you have any one or all of the above mentioned crypto, you will need to register at for whitelisting your address.

Step #4: After you are successfully registered, you have to login with your account credentials.

Step #5: It is strongly recommended to turn on 2 Factors Authentication (2FA) from your account for security purpose.

Step #6: At your Dashboard, you’ll see three accepted currencies. “Create” wallet for your preferred crypto currency.

Click on Create for the Crypto which you wish to use for buying KALI Coins

Step #7: Once the wallet is created, you will have to deposit the respective crypto currency from your exchange or personal wallet, to the wallet created on KALI Coin.

Now Click on Deposit

Step #8: Right below the “Wallet Statistics”, you’ll have another section called, “Purchase Tokens

Step #9: You’ll have to enter the USD value that you wish to invest and number of KALI coins will automatically calculated.

Enter the USD amount you wish to invest in KALI Coin

Step #10: The Crypto currency value that you are going to invest is also automatically calculated.

Step #11: Click the Purchase button and the crypto balance you deposited at Step #7 will be debited and respective number KALI coin will be credited, which you can see at the top-right side of the screen.

Please Note:

1. You must have required balance of accepted crypto currency on KALI coin website wallet in order to purchase our coins.

2. KALI coin balance will update after successful confirmation of your transaction.

3. You’ll see transaction ID under “Purchases” menu option.

4. Funds once sent cannot be reversed in any case. Please double check everything before sending any funds.

5. Referral links are now active, and you can use it from your Dashboard. Your Referral earnings will be displayed under “Referrals” section


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