How to redeem Kali Coins from ICO tokens?

Apr 10, 2018 · 1 min read

Step #1: First you will need to create a wallet for your Kali Coins. Click here to create a wallet. You will need to register in order to create a Kali Coin Wallet.

Step #2: After you have registered, login to your wallet.

Step #3: Click on “Get New Address”

Step #4: Copy your wallet address.

Step #5: Now go to

Step #6: Login with your registered E-Mail address. The one you used in the ICO

Step #7: You will see your token balance.

Step #8: Just paste the address you copied in step #4 and click on “REDEEM

Step #9: That’s it; you should see your coin balance in your wallet within 15–30 minutes.

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