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Feb 13, 2018 · 2 min read

Guidelines for sending BTC / ETH / BCH to KALI Coin ICO:


The KALI Coin distribution event will start today, February 13, 2018, 9:00 P.M. Indian Standard Time exclusively on https://www.kalicoin.io (Please make sure you are on the correct web address)

The KALI Coin distribution event will be capped at 15 million KALI Coins. The Private sale will end as soon as 15 Million KALI coins are sold out and users will then have to wait for Pre-ICO round in order to purchase KALI Coins.

As it is a private sale, minimum participation amount is set at $1000 for every user. Later in Pre-ICO, $250 will be the minimum purchase, while in the main ICO event; $100 will be the minimum participating amount.

Before we move forward, there are few things every user should consider:

1. BTC transactions will need two confirmations to reflect in your KALI Coin website wallet.

2. Ether transactions will need three confirmations before they are displayed.

3. Bitcoin Cash transactions will also need three confirmations to successfully reflect under your account balance on KALI Coin website.

4. Time taken to display balance of respective accepted currency purely depends on that particular network. In general, BTC will take a little more time compared to the other two. Users should not panic and wait until their KALI Coin account shows them the required balance.

5. Every user will have a unique deposit address of respective crypto currency and thus, you should not share it with anyone. The user will only get KALI Coins if he makes the purchase from his registered account and sends funds to the address given under his account.

6. Users can send funds from any wallet and that means, either from an exchange or from other-third party wallet.

7. There is a flat 0.50% fees on all transactions.

Most of the guidelines have already been mentioned in our article on how to participate in KALI Coin ICO. However, in the next step you’ll need to deposit accepted crypto currency in the wallet created under your account at KALI Coin user panel.

Once BTC / ETH / BCH balance is displayed in your account, you just have to purchase KALI coins using the purchase section given right below the wallet. For detailed guide on purchasing KALI Coins, please refer to our post here. In any case if you need any assistance, you can connect with us on:

Telegram: @KALICoin

E-Mail: Marketing@Kalicoin.io

Live Chat available on our website


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