Kehlani Career Plan

21 year old Kehlani is a R&B singer from Oakland, California. Kehlani was signed to Atlantic records just last year in 2015. When I first started listening to Kehlani she was just herself 100% of the time and that’s what I loved about her. Not to long ago she got into some trouble with what she was posting online, so I believe Atlantic had to sensor some of her postings and now it no longer feels like it’s just Kehlani anymore.

Instagram being her most popular social media is pretty active. I do believe this is a site where she can be herself and she has posted many Instagram/ Snapchat stories to prove it. Facebook,Twitter, SoundCloud and her website to me seems like management has control over what is posted and what is not. I think consistency is key. All social media should scan throughout each other which I think Kehlani and her team can work on.

I’m really excited about her 2017 tour coming up and her new album that’s gunna drop in January. However I feel as if Kehlani and her team could do a way better job with promoting the album. Her website has a pretty nice layout that shows all the tour dates and the album is up which is great. I do think her merch is extremely important to update especially with her tour coming up next month. Fans are gunna wanna purchase new merch for her new tour before the tour so they can show up prepared. As a fan I check her website pretty often and some of her merch hasn’t been updated over a year. As a fan that bums me out.

I respect and love Kehlani as a artist ( I’m sure I’d love her as a person too but I don’t know her personally). You can definitely see a shift in her career and I’m excited to see that second hand and what starts to change for her career.