Touring Budget Assignment

Touring can either be the one of the best times of your career or possibly one of the worst times. It all sort of depends on what you make it. Given this tour budget in class: (

If you take a look at this budget, you can see that it is almost 6,000 dollars over budget. My first initiative was to cut the cost of certain things that maybe the band can supply on their own. Example: Maybe instead of renting a van just investing in your own for the band as a whole. This will turn that 150.00 a day to maybe 150.00 a month due to insurance depending on your company you go through. Long term 150.00 a month for a year is still less the total cost of renting the van for just 2 weeks.

Then I thought to myself, maybe whats already in the budget isn’t the main problem. Maybe the band should’ve been making more money than they earned and that’s why the budget is over so much. In my head I’m thinking this bands fan base was all of the age spectrum, however in this industry you will make more money if you play 21+ shows due to multiple reasons.

You never really know what to expect with touring, and you might find out that it is really hard and takes a lot of work however it can be the best thing to happen to someone or a band. You just need a great/trusted team to help you along the way.

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