🐉Marketplace & Whitepaper on🔥 Update of 05/01/22 🐉

Hello and happy new year to you all! 🎉

We’re coming in strong in 2022 and here’s why…👀

🔥Get ready!🔥

Site and Platforms:

The complete redesign of our website kalissa.io , the visual of the website has been totally redone.🧑🎨

-A new whitepaper containing all the necessary details to introduce the project for a newcomer.📝

As a complement, we are setting up our international marketplace.

The Kalissa marketplace will allow small local producers (Africa, Asia, America) to sell or buy products anywhere in the world. Today the big marketplaces are dominated by Amazon, ebay, Rakuten. But many people in the world don’t have access to these marketplaces. Either they don’t have access to bank accounts or there are several intermediaries. With the Kalissa marketplace, it would, for example, be possible to buy coffee from a small producer in Indonesia. The possibilities are endless. No more barriers. With cryptocurrencies, we are breaking the barriers to international trade. The marketplace can be paid only in KALI or credit card. Credit card purchases will be converted into Kali! A KALI stablecoin token will also be set up. As well as a crypto swap to buy KALI directly on the site.

The Kalissa marketplace is an intuitive trading platform that will provide a maximum experience for all types of users, whether they are buyers, sellers or just visitors. Our Kalissa marketplace will have several different menus.

The means of payment will be 💰:

⸱The KALI which will offer you 2% immediate discount when making a purchase.
⸱adding a swap beetween crypto and kali in our marketplace (soon)
⸱The bank card or credit card.

This marketplace will be dissociated from Kalissa.io whether in terms of structure or artistic direction we want to keep the luxurious values we carry since the beginning with kalissa.io.💎

But also make international exchanges easier with our marketplace.🤩

📣Marketing 📣

International marketing via a maximum of platform with an ambitious goal to reach 50,000 members on our different telegrams.


Staking on NFTs starts as soon as the website is set up.

The staking of KALI will be implemented during the next month…

A question ? A comment ? contact us by :
Telegram : https://t.me/kalissaOFFICIAL
Twitter : https://twitter.com/KalissaNFT
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/KalissaNFT
E-mail : contact@kalissa.io
Website : https://kalissa.io/

The KALISSA Team 🐲




Kalissa is above all a French registered trademark, which wants to combine physical life with the metaverse through NFTs.

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Kalissa is above all a French registered trademark, which wants to combine physical life with the metaverse through NFTs.

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