One for the #bucketlist drinking with the people building my bank…

Views from the half of 6 — th floor…Why @Monzo is killing it.

It was a humid evening filled with great anticipation of what was to come…Mondo is re-branding but before we get there lets talk a bit about the psychology and what is happening in the minds of #mondonauts.

Having met Tom Blomfield back in November at the Alpha roll-out, he strikes a very familiar figure in the way he constructs his sentences and teases the ears with nuances, pauses and rifts on the same vein as the legendary “Jobs” …. (hey its not blasphemy…wait keep reading..Tom should be flattered I’m putting him close to my Sensei’s Level)

So I’m talking about the infectiousness of the Idea of Monzo that Tom has built (like how Jobs made Apple infectious), a banking market place where you can customize what you need and its free….

Tom gave this example of when email was first out and companies where charging £££ for email storage… like Yahoo, Hotmail and Google comes in with their email service in “beta” and says Gmail is unlimited and FREE!! That literally blew everyone’s mind at the time — Tom Blomfield

And with Monzo coming in saying we will give you everything your normal bank does but it will be FREE and even better with real time data and integrated currency exchange that literally is a game changing statement and the big banks should be watching closely.

So incredibly Tom has infected the entire team with the “monzo virus”(see what I did there) and even the ex-Big banking personnel that have joined up are also converted shelling their corporate shells and becoming fee-free loving #monzonauts.

So I Began the evening with speaking with the new community manager of the then Mondo, called “Naji” our convo spanned user retention, followers and Cyber security. Great convo (Naji sends his apologies to one of the invitees who came while they where setting up with the new name and the blinds got closed on ya!)even picking up a book called “The Establishment: And how they get away with it- by Owen Jones”, Then it was time to hear from Tom.

Courtesy of Tomsr — Monzo Alpha

Awesome delivery… :) and it was now……..


Courtsey of ICKM — Monzo Alpha
How smart consumers work… We know you have to make money as a bank, just let us know how much you charge us and how you make the money. We probably would be fine with it! we are not dumb we know you use a percentage of our balance In savings to float on the stock market and make gains. That’s fine just tell us you are doing it, help us manage our money and make money and we would probably give you more money to use on the stock market. — extract from a conversation between ICKM & TOMSR — Mondo Alphas

So as the night continued conversations about banks and savings and community. It was such a buzzing feeling I felt. I was witnessing something great a real paradigm shift in banking literally like you are involved in the early stages of google or the moon landing. But it was tangible Monzo is being built by people like you who also dislike the way banking is.

You cant build something like Monzo without a great team and gladly this CEO(Tom) knows it. I met some like Simon Vans-Colina— Cyber Security(literally converted me so now I’m looking for an MX1) , Bailey Kursar— Marketing , Naji -Community manager and some other monzonauts I didn't have time to interact with fully like Hugo Cornejo , Matt Heath and Tristan Thomas.

But all this doesn’t come easy as competitors always trying to steal your limelight i.e this…

Wow at least we know they are watching!

And another reason Monzo works is because of the teams..Flat structure where everyone's ideas feel validated, everyone listens and wants to know why and how you may have reached that conclusion.

Monzo also gave people would got the name right these great gifts..

I would so wear this!, But would I ever wear a Barclays hoodie??? NO WAY!!!

Now I don’t know about you but if I wear any companies logo I must believe in the mission and If that’s the case I automatically become a follower. The openness of Monzo has not only created a genuine community but also a fantastic group of “followers”.

And yesterday for me has ticked one off the #bucketlist drinking with my bank…

Congraulations MONZO here is some key things that you should never forget in this order … Keep Developing Staff> Keep Nurturing the Product > Keep Listening to your Customers

MONZO #NowMonzo