No despair — we have to fight

Here’s the truth: we cannot despair in the face of the House Republicans voting to repeal the Affordable Care Act. Our fight is far from over. A majority of Americans are opposed to their catastrophic health care rollback and we have to be prepared to do everything in our collective power to stop this legislation in the Senate.

Together, we will share the stories of those whose lives would be impacted most by this astonishingly horrific legislation.

Together, we will tell the hard truths about this law: that it will kick 24 million Americans off their health care, including ​an estimated 3–4 million Californians, it will remove protections for those with pre-existing conditions, cut funding to combat the opioid epidemic, and at its core is nothing more than a shallow attempt to pass a tax cut for the very wealthy at the expense of the most vulnerable and voiceless in our society.

Together, we will defeat this law in the Senate. Here are some quick ways you can take action today to make a difference in this fight:

  • First, I need you to add your name to our petition today opposing this terrible bill. A public declaration against this legislation can be powerful and effective in the halls of Congress. Let’s show the GOP that millions of Californians and Americans across the country are standing with us in this critical fight.
  • Second, I need you to call the Senate switchboard operator at (202) 224–3121 and tell your Senator ​that you strongly oppose this bill. We have to flood Congress with calls in the coming days to ensure this legislation is defeated. Calls are the single most effective way to make a difference. You can even call my office — unlike some of my colleagues, my team and I really do want to hear from you!
  • Third, I need you to share your story about how this legislation will affect you or someone you care about. Facts and numbers are important, but we know that in order to defeat bills like these, we need to share the stories of those who will be hurt the most if they lose their health insurance or protections for pre-existing conditions. Please share your story today so I can elevate your voices on the floor of the Senate.

Finally, I need you to make me a promise that you won’t despair or give up at a time when so many are counting on you to keep fighting.

Progress is won and lost with every generation. ​Reversing the Affordable Care Act would drag us back to a time when tens of millions of Americans didn’t have health insurance, when you could be denied health care for having a pre-existing condition, or when women were penalized or forced to pay more for care than men.

This fight is now heading to the U.S. Senate. I’m prepared to do everything I can to defeat this law and I hope you’re ready to stand with me and my Democratic colleagues in protecting the progress we’ve made in making health care a right for every American.

Thanks for everything you do.

Kamala Harris
U.S. Senator, California

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