The Hawkeye State

Fighting for the people means listening to the people. I enjoyed spending time with countless voters in Iowa this weekend to make the case for our positive, people-powered campaign. I look forward to being back in the Hawkeye State soon!

We started our weekend trip to Iowa meeting with the Asian and Latino Coalition and the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC).

We had a round-table discussion about the really important issues of our day — like hurricane relief and providing better support to our brothers and sisters in Puerto Rico; enacting equitable tax laws that lift up middle-class Americans instead of lining the pockets of the top 1%; how we can fight for Medicare for All — and win; and the pressing, critical issue of immigration reform.

Then, we headed to a town hall in Ankeny, where more than 700 Iowans joined us to hear more about our campaign for the people.

At our Ankeny town hall, we talked about tackling the national debt so future generations aren’t saddled with this crisis; how we will pass Medicare for All and guarantee health care for all Americans; combating climate change and safeguarding our planet for future generations; and how we can prioritize processing what could be hundreds of thousands of untested rape kits across our country to ensure justice for survivors.

And I had the chance to see my friend Nora again! Last December, she wrote me a very persuasive letter encouraging me to run for president. I was so excited to see Nora again in a fabulous shirt that said “Future President.” I can’t wait to donate to her campaign!

From there, we took part in an Iowa tradition: the Story County Dems Soup Supper, where hundreds of fired-up Democrats gather to hear directly from candidates running for President.

We then visited with Iowans at a Black Caucus event, where we spoke truth about the issues that affect the Black Americans in this country — from the gun violence epidemic, to maternal mortality rates, to climate change, to mass incarceration, to giving middle-class families a much-needed lift up, and more.

Sunday morning, we headed out bright and early and were able to surprise a training event hosted by The Arena, an organization doing the critical work of training and supporting the next generation of candidates and campaign staff.

We closed out our Sunday with more than 700 supporters at a town hall in Scott County, where we discussed the core issues of our campaign — and how Democrats need a fighter in this election who’s able to prosecute the case against this president.

I am so grateful to everyone who took time out of their weekends to join us on the campaign trail in Iowa. Together, we will strengthen our democracy to work for all of us.

— Kamala Harris