Thanks shadow and light — Buildings

By Ezra Stoller

The strategies/techniques I have chosen for the photos I have taken is the use of shadows and light with an expressive massing in a contemporary building. The person who inspired me to choose this technique is Ezra Stoller. Many modern buildings are recognized and remembered by the images Stoller created as he was able to visualize the formal and spatial aspirations of Modern architecture. For my photos, I have attempted to replicate some of the ways Ezra Stoller has taken photos of buildings, however unlike his, which are in black and white, I left the colors for each of the photos as I want to also try to capture the colorfulness and unique aspect of each buildings. I want to show how some buildings around UTS are not all boring, plain or that they all look the same like some buildings in other cities/towns. And with the help of light and shadow, I think I captured their color and uniqueness quite well.

Bottom two photos taken at Central park


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