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New funding and an expansion to broadcast anything on your phone screen!

Smartphone cameras have given birth to several billion dollar companies. Instagram captures the world around you and built an empire off of the back camera. Snapchat created a multi-billion dollar business using the selfie cam. We realized that there was a third, more interesting camera on your phone — your screen! People stare at their phone screen for 4–6 hours a day, and what they do on their phones often defines who they are.

Kamcord is expanding beyond just mobile games to let you live stream anything on your phone screen. As a streamer, you broadcast your screen with overlays for your face and voice. Imagine seeing Sam Altman’s phone as he reads Hacker News and hearing his raw reactions to the latest tech headlines.

The last nine months cemented our place as the #1 mobile game live streaming platform and mobile games will continue to be a HUGE part of Kamcord. In fact, this expansion stems directly from what we observed in our community. Viewers would come to watch Clash Royale on Kamcord but then fell in love with Clash Royale streamers like XtremeGamez. Viewers eventually developed a stronger affinity to the personalities than the game itself. During lulls in gameplay, some of our streamers started opening viewers’ Snapchats. Others showed off photos from a recent vacation to fans. Rather than clamp down on this behavior, we’ve decided to embrace it and we believe it will fuel our continued growth!

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Grow, Grow, Grow

Our strategy to grow the Kamcord community and capture the global live streaming market is very simple:

  • The most engaging live content: It is really hard for someone to stare into a camera for an hour and be entertaining. This is where Kamcord shines. Instead of constantly racking your brain for interesting things to say, you react to the content of the app that you are live streaming.

Since launching our novel virtual goods monetization model 11 weeks ago, we are fast approaching a $2M annual run rate! Our 40% month-over-month growth shows no signs of letting up. Loyal Kamcord fans know that the MEGA STAR virtual good creates more #hype than the biggest pyrotechnics.

Talented creators who stream consistently are the #1 drivers of growth and retention. We’re equally excited to be working with established video creators, social media influencers, and homegrown entertainers who never considered becoming streamers until we made streaming your phone as easy as tapping a button. The ability to make the most engaging form of live content and monetize better than any other platform has led to creators joining Kamcord in droves and bringing their fans with them.

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Stars are the most popular virtual good on Kamcord


We actually had our entire Series B in the bank and weren’t looking to fundraise. But when Rachel Lam of Time Warner heard about our rapid growth and approached us, we had to say YES! We are very excited to share that we’ve raised a $10M Series C led by Time Warner with participation from our existing investors: TransLink Capital, Tencent, Wargaming, Plug & Play Ventures, and XG Ventures.

Rachel was on the board of Maker Studios and saw first-hand how they grew their influencer program. Her expertise will be crucial as we scale the number of streamers on Kamcord. Time Warner also has a great track record of forging strategic partnerships with portfolio companies and we’re eager to further our dialogue with the media and sports properties under the Time Warner umbrella.

We have never shied away from making aggressive bets to grow our community of creators and viewers, and this additional round of funding allows us to dream even bigger!

Thank you to our amazing community! We wouldn’t be here without you, and we’re psyched to embark on this next chapter with you. So what are you waiting for? Get on Kamcord (iOS, Android, desktop web) and live stream any app on your phone!

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