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Can we create an online community of Bay Area Activists? What’s the purpose of an online activist community? Would you join a network of activists?

The idea for an Activist Bay Area community came to me when I was taking an evening stroll on September 10th, 2014 — asking myself “What’s the most important thing I could be working and if I’m not working on it why not?” I quickly realized there was not an easy way for me to quickly connect with other Activists if I wanted to quickly organize outreach or an event with them.

I tried personally connecting with the team last week to see if I could help (they had an awesome save the Internet campaign today) and I can only assume they were super busy and didn’t have time to plug me into the system in a more complex way.

“I was a little disappointed to be honest….”

Upon a quick search for “Bay Activist Community” and “Bay Activist Forum” I was unable to find anything that I would really count as online activist community.

Building It

I quickly thought to myself would it be worth it to build an online activist community? It would definitely be valuable to me and probably a lot of other people, so I thought… Yes! I should totally build it, but I also want to see if other people would contribute, because new projects are a lot work, which is why I want to ask you a few questions

Should an Activist Bay Area community be built ? Yes? No? Would you contribute to the project?

What It Could Be

I am completely open to discuss what could be, might be, should be and won’t be, but I want to present several ideas to get the conversation started.

First, an online message board that would contribute to better community organization, more sharing of information and ultimately building a larger network of Bay Area activists.

Second, a local news network empowering people to do self-broadcast and discuss important issues, topics, events and other Activist news.

What Do You Think It Could Be?

I want to hear what you think and whether or not you would be interested in helping building an online community of Bay Area Activists.

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