A Simple Decentralized Identity Note Taking Application

Oct 30 · 2 min read


What is Essence

Essence is a simple “decentralized application” utilizing an Ethereum wallet to create a decentralized identity with 3Box, and in-turn allowing us to Authenticate and manage a private storage system.

It focuses on the identity part of decentralized, and not the blockchain.

Why Essence?

To experiment with creating a loosely typed content management system for decentralized identities. And to understand what the limits and optimizations for using 3Box decentralized storage and authentication. Threads and spaces are very important to optimize for performant loads times! Don’t put everything in the public profile.

Easily start writing notes journal entries.

Authentication & Storage

The authentication, storage and encryption is handled by 3Box and accessed via MetaMask. The application works both with the Extension and Mobile versions, so you can create encrypted notes and access them from both the desktop and on mobile.

Use the latest smartphone/desktop syncing features to connect your devices.

A Living Experiment

Esence is a simple experiment to test a CMS for decentralized identities, but it’s also a simple tool for taking notes, so feel free to use it for that too ;)



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