How to Be a Fit Beauty

So, you guys are here because you want to become a fit beauty for 2017. Right? Well great. I have a lot of experience in fitness as well as beauty. But, to start off, I want you guys to understand where I’m coming from and what fit beauty really means to me.

Fit beauty is about the journey in the transformation of becoming stronger, faster and better as a person. The beauty part of it, as I relate it to the fit beauty, is finding beauty in everything, finding beauty everywhere. It’s not only about the beauty in ourselves, but it’s in the beauty in other people, and also in the places where we’re at and the circumstances that we’re given. It’s the beauty that we find in life. Find beauty in everything. At the same time, get into shape.

As a young girl, I was obese and I was overweight. I weighed 180 pounds. That was a lot in the 8th grade. I didn’t know how to lose the weight. I didn’t grow up eating healthy and new nothing about healthy nutrition. I educated myself right after high school and received my personal trainer certification. Which I never used because makeup was my passion and it was what I was good at. Nine years later I received my beauty educator license by the state of Texas for continuing education for cosmetologist.

I’m telling you now, take a hold of your health. It starts with you. Look inside yourself. Find that beauty inside of you. You are worthy of being fit, of being in control of your health, and of finding beauty in everything and everywhere that is around you. Look for it, find it in yourself, and let’s get fit.

I’m going to help you along the way, by introducing you to my favorite beauty products, skincare products, to beautify the outside. While we look for the beauty everywhere, in everything outside of us.

Only then will you see beauty inside yourself and in others.

Fit beauties, we are strong, we are women, and I love being a woman and everything about it.