Hello! This anonymous blog «Fallaya. Girl online» I would like to start with a little prehistory. I hope that you will at least slightly catch my thoughts, which live and wander in my head and no one even suspects that Falaya is me.

I have a certain «ghost of the soul» since childhood, but he is not acquainted with anyone. I kept personal diaries, wrote secrets and ideas there, but what is the meaning of what I can only read. I really want to share my interests with others.

In the modern world, we are trying to stand out from the crowd with cool photos and crazy acts, recorded on saw, but mostly these people are completely different in reality.

I will try to be sincere and real for you here. For the inspiration. It is not excluded that someday I’ll tell you-who I really am, but for now-Fa. You did not hear, just-Fa, Fallay. This is the diary of Fallaya.

Thank you!

“Online girl goes to offline FA”

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