How to Troubleshoot Memory Not Sufficient Error Related to Printers?

Troubleshoot Memory Not Sufficient Error Related to Printers

While trying to take printouts on Windows XP, an error message emerges signifying that the memory is not sufficient It may emerge before another error, which may be relating to a file missing, so locating and reinstalling that will troubleshoot printer issues on Windows PC. This can be as irritating as encountering and having to find a printer offline fix for Windows.

Reboot the PC and repeat Sending Print Jobs from a Different Program

  • Reboot the system. If an error signifies that there is a print job pending, Cancel it on the printer-specific software or delete the file initiated for printing from the spooler.
  • Click Windows button, and tap to open Notepad from the Start Menu.
  • Key-in a short sentence on the text file, and click Ctrl and P keys concurrently to run a test print.
  • In case the text prints effectively, it is possible that the file you tried to print previous is corrupted, or that the PC does not have enough hard disk space for processing the spool file.

Connect the PC to a Free USB Port

If the printer is connected to parallel cable, follow the steps mentioned below for connecting it to computer’s USB port in its place.

  • Uninstall the printing software that came along with the printer.
  • Separate the cable that runs parallel from the printer and the PC.
  • Again install the bundled printing software.
  • Attach its power cord and then switch on the printer.
  • When Windows prompts, connect it to the PC with the help of USB cable.

Ensure if Available Memory Corresponds with Minimum System necessities

You furthermore need to check if the available system resources support a multipurpose printer. Primary, check the currently used memory in Task Manager, and then double-check if PC meets the necessary amount.

  • Click Ctrl, Alt, and Delete keys concurrently and open Task Manager.
  • Go to the Performance tab, and ensure the memory in use by the printer.

Confirm if the printer’s user manual or label has mentioned the RAM and if it corresponds with the essential memory for printing.

If all these process fail to work for troubleshooting printer issues, then you have to manage as well as change hard disk space for your printing requirements. Get in touch with our tech support team at HP Printer support Number +1 (844) 444–4174 for additional details regarding the same, or if you are in need of a printer offline fix.