“Return to the Teenage Brain”, by Richard A. Friedman is about the research being done to better the brains star of thinking and to help possibly cure mental illnesses. Making a pill to bring the brain back to teenager state of thinking, however, may not be a good idea. The brain grows and advances with time, giving a person their personality. By taking the pill, it may change a person’s personality, since the neurons that are affected by the pill make everyone distinct.

A pill to enhance the way of thinking should not be taken because the cons may outweigh the pros. The human brain is made a certain way and making a pill to disturb nature of the brain may have some repercussions. However, if the pill is used for medicinal purposes or cures for illnesses, such as bipolar disorder or Alzheimer’s, then it may become useful in the end product. Thus, the pill should be experimented for further research before the public can use it.

Jessica B

“A Change of Heart About Animals”, by Jeremy Rifkin brings up a situation many people ignore. Rifkin shows that animals are similar to humans through scientific evidence. People have always known that animals and humans are very similar, from feeling the same pain to feeling the same emotions. Yet people treat them with no respect. It does not add up. The example of how pigs do not receive enough attention, making them become depressed shows the disrespect these animals receive. Humans have completely stunted the growth and development of animals.

The whole system of the way we handle our food in relation to animals is wrong. Humans could easily give animals a free life and live off the land,such as eating vegetables or fruits, which would lead to a majority of a healthy vegan lifestyle. All it takes is for people like Rifkin, who care for animals, to speak up and make a change.

Adam L

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