Poem: “Cravings”

Date: 15 August 2017

She has a craving.

Gold and Silver,
Green, Blue and Pink,
Flowers, Fruits, Feathers,
Scents, Smiles, and Silk.

From her lips,
I taste

Peach Pistachio Cake
And Matcha Milk Donuts,
Fluorescent Flower Nectar
And Mixed Mint Delights.

And exciting.
I want more.

From her body,
I feel

Romance in the air,
Lust in our touch.
Surrender from her breath,
Passion in our embrace.

And addicting.
I want more.

From her eyes,
I see

An ocean of hungry sharks,
All locked up in a cage.
A landscape of erupting volcanos,
All constrained by the earth.

And desire.
I want more.

I taste her,
I feel her,
I see her,
But I cannot save her.

She is delicious,
She is stimulating,
She is captivating,
But she cannot save me.

We are trapped in this cage
Of pain and pleasure.
We are trapped in this cage
Of cravings.

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