Free money is free

You Can Always Get More Money

When you’re trying to get something done, never think of how much money you don’t have for doing it.

There may have been a time when this advice would have been very bad. I know that even now it will be received very badly from many in the entrepreneurial and business communities. But these days, there’s simply too much money going around for it to matter.

What *isn’t* going around?

That’s what you need to specialize in.

Talent for dealmaking isn’t going around. Innovative ability isn’t going around much at all. Technical ability, while existing in seemingly droves, doesn’t seem like it’s going around in enough quantity to meet demand either.

The world needs new things. It needs new products, new inventions, new ways to use old things, old ways to use new things.

What the world does not need is more plans that fail because entrepreneurs aren’t willing to ask for more money.

Money is not your problem. Solve your problems. Let someone else take care of the money.

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