I Want You to Know that Rwanda is the Most Remarkable Country in the World
Galt Elijah MacDermot


I doubt that when you were writing this piece you thought Rwanda was a perfect place and nothing needed improvement.

Yes, just like Yozefu says, there is a lot of exaggerated press releases about Rwanda but he, himself is suffering from the same exaggerating.

  1. How can the entire country have no access to clean/safe water? WaterAid says around 40% has no access to safe water but there is on going work to improve water supply, with a new water plant nearing completion.
  2. Famine hit all the East African countries and its still ongoing in western and northern Uganda, maize flour in Kenya now, is twice the market price it was before the famine. The Eastern province faced the brunt of the famine but I believe Rwanda is bouncing back better and faster than other neighboring countries. And that is putting into perspective that Rwanda has small area to feed her people compared to its neighbors.
  3. Every NEW commercial building is owned by RPF? (That isn’t even exaggeration but a blatant lie.) Just off head KigaliHeights- funded by a private equity firm. M Peace Plaza (largest mixed use building)- Privately funded. CHIC complex- funded by a cooperative of business men. Plus many other cooperative buildings that Yozefu knows about and would acknowledge if it wasn’t for cheap politicking.
  4. In most African states according to Transparency international(TI), the police forces are the most corrupt government institutions. By confirming that Rwanda National Police (RNP) is the most corrupt institution in Rwanda is a positive rather than a negative as Yozefu thinks. So, to say that RNP (with most people have compared favorably to Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda forces) is the most corrupt in Rwanda confirms that indeed there is limited corruption in the country. The same TI says Rwanda is the 3rd least corrupt country in Africa. No one should say there is no corruption in Rwanda just like in any other country in the world but something is being done about it.
  5. Yes, street vendors’ property has been confiscated and a lady died in one of the operations which was unfortunate. But the individuals who were responsible for this were arrested and sentenced to 10 years. I can give you a similar example of Eric Garner who died during his arrest for selling untaxed cigarettes on the sidewalk. and yet the officers were not indicted. Vendors are pushed on the street because of many factors but the government is trying to work around them for example providing new market spaces which are rent free for the first year to enable them stabilise.
  6. Rwanda is the second easiest place to do business in Africa according to World Bank Doing Business Rankings. This doesn’t mean that it is the most profitable place but that you will not meet encumbrances when trying to start your company. The other issues of a small and poor market (13 million) are being worked on through joining a wider market in East African Community (150 million+) where Rwandan products are treated like local products.

So, is Rwanda the most remarkable country in the world? I don’t think so.

Is there still a lot of work to do in Rwanda? 100%

Is Rwanda lovely to visit? 100% You will not be disappointed.