Ghana trip Day 10

Sad reality I’ve seen in this trip.

I’ve been writing how fun and interesting this trip has been but today I want to mention some other perspectives and thoughts.

Our group bought a big poly tank for our water center and brought to the village.

As always, once we got to the village, we were surrounded by kids. They were energetic and gave us cute smiles. Just seeing them makes me happy, but at the same time, makes me realize the reality that those kids are always wearing same very worn out clothes or no clothes at all. Most of them don’t wear any shoes, and no one says anything when they are bitting something covered by dirt..

Today with 4 selected women entrepreneurs from the village, we decided on the water treatment center’s location and started constructing it. We also trained them on how to use alum to settle particles in water, which is one of important steps in treating water.

Again, the water that we are purifying or villagers are drinking from is dugout water which crocodile live in and cows drink from. It is brownish and obvious that it is unsafe to drink. Yet, water bottles that some kids are carrying around for drinking were filled with this dirty water and they had no hesitation drinking it.

I hope that doing this water business and training women to run it will help them understand their health condition and importance of clean water.

After getting to know more about the village ans training women for the business, there were a lot to think about.

Loading up the poly tank. Yeah teamwork:)