Ghana trip Day 12

Safe storage container distribution day 1☺

After I slept for a whole day, I felt much better and was able to go out to the village with my team.

Yesterday, my team did another training with selected women from the village on how to use aquatabs (chlorine tablets). It is the last and important step in our water treatment system. Our team did a test on the treated water yesterday, and our day today started from checking that result.

The result showed that it was clean and safe to drink☺so we packed about 20 safe storage containers in our car and went to the village.

Once we got to the village, we first went to the water center and tasted our water. Kids from the village also tried them too.

Then, we started distributing containers. With our business, we will be distributing 20L water container for each household for free. Distribution takes time because we want to make sure that they understand why we are giving these to them. Our team took turned on explaining how dugout water is unsafe to drink, how a container needs to be used and kept, and how the business is run by women.

Started early as always but everything took a whole day today. I’m glad that I was able to come out for this special day that we talked to households individually and explain about the business. Our village seems to be a big one. We don’t know the exact number of households yet, but it seems like that we’ll need several distribution days.

Distributing a safe storage container to each household. We explaining carefully together with our translator to each house hold about how they should use it and why we do this.