Ghana trip Day 5

We visited a village that has Saha water business. We talked to its people and brought back its water source for practicing water treatment system using alum. We all enjoyed playing with kids there. There was about 2 hours break which allowed us to explore the town a little more by ourselves.

We learned about how monitoring works for our business. It started to feel more real that we will be doing something good for communities.

A little bit about Saha

I haven’t explained much here but I’m here in Ghana with a NPO organization Saha Global. Saha means opportunity in Dagbani, Ghanaian native language. Saha has provided opportunities for field representatives like me and local women entrepreneurs in Northern Ghana by challenging water crisis issues. Building a simple and effective water purification system and turning it into a business for local people is Saha’s style coming from its belief in sustainability.

Kids in the village we visited today loved cameras and photos
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