How I see Climate Change

At my university, this week is “Global Climate Change Week.” There will be some lectures, discussions, and events related to this topic. For its first day, we had a panel discussion on “The Cost of Climate Change, Mitigation vs Adaption.”

As a person who loves sight-seeing, traveling, all kinds of outdoor activities, and who really appreciates what nature can bring, climate change has been always my concern. Since I want to save those beautiful environments around the world for the future, climate change was one of the reasons why I chose Environmental Engineering as my major.

These days, I was hearing from friends and news about having many severe typhoons in Japan, Haiti hurricane Matthew, Great Barrier Reef bleaching, etc. . I wanted to get some updated ideas from experts on how they think climate change.

Today’s panel discussion was held in an interesting timing that Paris agreement was achieved just a week ago (Oct 6th).

I liked that panelists mentioned clearly that Climate Change is not just an environment issue, but it is an important problem for politics, economy, energy, agriculture, business and more and more.. all sorts of aspects. I agree on that as I had so many chances to listen to people from different companies and organizations making their own environmental policies and how effective they were in various aspects (reducing cost, better reputation, sustainability). There were discussions about its urgency, difficulties, and opportunities. Personalty, I found it interesting that how more and more people come together to take actions these days, and how people in Australia see this issue (yes, I am in Australia now) as its nature has been largely affected and it is hugely related to its indigenous people’s life and environment.

Climate change topic used to be more about raising its awareness. The good thing is that now people are aware of it (especially in Australia) but it’s not necessary their priority issue. There are things like education, health care that people face daily and see the changes day by day. Like one of the panelists mentioned, one of the difficulties of tackling climate change issues is that there is always a time rag. Even if the government implemented a great policy about climate change, people don’t see its benefits immediately. I think it is an important thing to keep in mind.

Recently, I’ve been thinking what field of study I really want to focus on in the future since I would like to go for master degree. While I enjoyed listening to their talk today, I was thinking if there is anything I can do for this matter. I am looking for more ideas, solutions, actions towards this matter.

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