Performing Search like “Google project management tool”? Meet Kanbanchi!

Recently Google renamed their “Google apps for work” to “G suite”. Whatever the name is, it’s still among the most popular office suites. Learn more how Kanbanchi can complement G suite. Search for “Google project management tool” no more!

Kanbanchi + G suite

Google project management tool, google collaboration tool, google project management software — are among the most popular queries on Google search.

Kanbanchi is tightly connected with Google Drive and is a part of Google ecosystem, so, consider no more searches, because you’ve found the exact tool you’ll like. Visual kanban board that helps you to handle your tasks and control all the workflow. Intuitive drag-and drop interface and Google drive connection allow you to start immediately and be sure that you won’t loose any of your important documents as they are securely stored in your Drive.

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