I don’t care how many times she’s lost.
Kerry Melonson

Hi Kerry,

Thanks for your thorough response. It must have taken awhile for you to write so I appreciate that!

Your opinion of Beyonce is exactly that — an opinion. You cannot negate the cultural impact that it has had on Women of Color, specifically Black Women however you may feel about the quality and artistry of Lemonade or Beyonce.

But that’s just my opinion.

Your thoughts are valid, however, I implore you to look past Beyonce (and your clear hatred of her) and think about the established precedent for Album of the Year — and the Academy members who get to make these decisions.

And you are absolutely correct, I am upset that “she is all you’ve got representing.” (Oh, and thank you for reminding me what I should more upset about, I really appreciate that by the way.)

The Academy had to vote for what they believed was the best album. If it was an objective choice to make and if they made the decision based on record sales alone, 25 is a clear winner. But it wasn’t…it was subjective. Yet something I often strive to do is get to the heart of the why. So they thought 25 was better. Why?

Writing this article, I chose to analyze the Academy’s motivations through the lens of precedence because it is undeniable that there is a pattern here.That was my choice — and you probably won’t and don’t agree with that and that is completely fine.

I love Adele. Like everyone else on the planet I belted Hello every chance I got — and I still do. I agree wholeheartedly that she is an incredible artist and deserved Song of the Year. But I don’t agree with the Academy’s choice for Album of the Year.

Whether or not you played Lemonade all the way through, it caused conversation and brought a different narrative to the mainstream.

Adele even mentioned that.

So you hate Beyonce and don’t consider her a true artist. You believe she is overrated. A lot of people do…that’s fine. But what I want people to realize is that this is so much larger than Beyonce (hence my mention of Kendrick Lamar.)

You even mentioned that by saying “she is all you’ve got representing.”

That is why I wrote this article.

Thank you for taking the time to read my post and share your thoughts, I really appreciate it.

Have a great day!