Auch! I am a white woman.
Winnie Krogh Reiff

Hi Winnie, I appreciate your comment. In a recent post of yours that I enjoyed you wrote “I seriously believe, we could be helping each other so much further in life, if we are willing to speak with each other. Including the ones having a different opinion than ourselves.” I love that, and believe the same holds true for people with differing identities.

You are absolutely correct that we are all humans, yet saying “above all we are women” negates the fact that gender is not the most salient identity for most of us. I can’t just say I am a woman first. I’m not 80% woman and 20% Black. I am equally Black and a Woman. And we all may be human, but we are not the same. Quite different, actually. And there is nothing wrong with that. It’s beautiful — and we have to talk about it.

We cannot move forward telling Black women, Latina women, LGBTQ women, and others that they are women first and they must put every other part of them aside to move forward. We are not women despite our identities. We are women with our identities. And this is what this article was meant to address. For example, here in America, we are fighting the wage gap, and women on average earn around 75 cents to every dollar a man earns in the workforce. However, Women of Color earn significantly less than that. This is a fact that many white women and feminists do not address. So yes, we may all be women, but our intersections make our experiences very different. We cannot move forward if we don’t have honest dialogue about that.

Thank you for reading and sharing! Looking forward to your next post.

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