The sooner that the new wave of analysts, music reviewers and yes, bloggers realize what music is…

Thanks for sharing your thoughts in this incredibly detailed post, Mary! I am a trained musician of 12 years and am the child of vocal musician of 40 years— just wanted to throw that out there to let you know I do in fact, know what music is lol — and I can tell you for a fact it is SO MUCH MORE than songwriting, which is why many pieces are instrumental. It’s not simple. Music is composition, production, songwriting and so much more.

As a person trained in jazz, symphonic, and classical music for over a decade, I can tell you there is no one like type, Mary!

Further thoughts…

  1. I implore you to really dig into the context of your usage of the word “standard” music — because what you consider “standard” is far from what others would. I will also point out that RAP and R&B ARE MEMORABLE. Maybe not to you — but to MILLIONS of Americans, even white ones, Mary. I went to school with white people who knew more Jay-Z, Biggy and 2Pac lyrics than I did.
  2. Who exactly is the average person, Mary? White Americans? I’m sure you already know our nation is far more diverse than it once was to say what the “average person” is.
  3. OBJECTIVELY 25 performed better. But this wasn’t an objective decision to make. Which is why I wrote this article in the first place, Mary. As I mentioned in previous responses, I love Adele. She, in my opinion, deserved song of the year, just not album of the year. ADELE SAID THAT HERSELF. Because this was a subjective decision to make, for the purposes of this debate, record sales are not and should not have been the end all be all. And regardless of how “offensive” (see my notes on white fragility in the article) you found Lemonade to be personally, the cultural impact (refer to hyperlink for more info) of this album is undeniable.
  4. Really think about why Bey should abandon her “offensive side” and what even made you write such a thing in the first place. And then read my article again, and if my point doesn’t shine through, I give up.
  5. Oh, and Beyonce has been performing for over half of her life and we’re still talking about her in 2017 so I really don’t think she needs to “take notes” from anybody. But you know…that’s just my humble opinion.

You clearly feel strongly about this issue so I encourage you to write your own article about it, Mary. I noticed you haven’t written an article yet. I mean…you’re already halfway there with the content in this response alone.

Also, nowhere in that article did I mention it was the “end of the world” but thank you for reminding me that is wasn’t. (I worry about that a lot, you know?)

Thanks for taking the time to break all that down for me because it confirmed my reasoning for writing this article in the first place.

Nuf’ said lol.

Have a great day, Mary!

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