The Best Interview Tips from Kane Partners

So, you have that all important job interview coming up, but you are not quite sure how to prepare? That’s OK, because the experienced career placement professionals at Kane Partners are here to offer you some of the very best insight into the hiring process. Making a stellar first impression is very important to securing a great long term relationship with the company of your dreams.

  1. Smile! Confidence is extremely important when it comes to a successful job interview. If you are going to get along with your manager, but you cannot even smile during the first time you meet, what are they going to think of you? Maintaining eye contact with a good smile ensures that your chances of getting hired increase tenfold.
  2. Research the business. Know all there is to know about the company that is going to hire you, whether it be for a short contract job or a long term direct hire position. You might have the best skill set of anyone in the employee pool, but if you really know nothing about the company you would like to work for, what are they going to think of you?
  3. Ask for recommendations. If you did some great freelance work as a software developer or engineer, make sure that you have 2–3 recommendations lined up so that your credibility gets a nice boost. You don’t want to be touting your abilities without having any proof to back it up. If you are working with a staffing agency, make sure they are aware of any recommendations you have requested, especially if it may take some time to receive them. A good hiring firm will have all of your information and credentials in place before the first round of interviews begins.
  4. Dress well. Your appearance is very important to the overall impression you will leave with a prospective employer. Be yourself and show some character, but don’t leave the planning until the last minute — it will certainly show!
  5. Understand the company culture. Your personality and skill set should be a direct match to the business atmosphere and management environment you intend to join. It is painful for both the employer and the temp to hire agency if you neglect to really take the time to understand this point. If you jump ship 3 months down the line, it reflects poorly on everyone.

Well, that’s it! We hope you take something from the information found on this page. If you would like to learn more about how to kick-start your career path, visit our Philadelphia temp to hire agency site to learn more and put your newly learned skills to work.