BRC Training as Per Global Standards For Food Safety

BRC Storage & Distribution

BRC Internal Auditor Standards Training provided by Process Management Consulting is very important from food safety point of view. With the help of this training, you will be able to possess requisite skills and knowledge which are essential to perform BRC food safety audits and it will ensure food quality management as well. Therefore, you will receive much more than a certificate. The training program will cover all the aspects required to perform an effective internal audit. You will also obtain the needed knowledge about the BRC approach to audits, product categories and certification.

Our team of trainers consists of expert auditors which have years of experience and have been regularly conducting audits of the companies as per BRC global standards to ensure the safety of food. Therefore, we promise you of profound knowledge and PMC is the ideal centre to give you training as per BRC requirements and international guidelines. You will also be introduced to current best practices in order to do food safety audit. Training is being given with an objective to make you learn how one should deal with a situation involving product’s quality and safety.

The training program is apt for internal food safety auditors, food safety managers, consultants, department supervisors, quality control and regulatory affairs managers. We have trained many food processors, food distributors, retailers, etc in order to introduce them to international food standards and guidelines. With the help of auditors and industry specialists, we are able to impart this first-level training course.
BRC storage and distribution training are given to the complete supply chain including manufacturers, packaging department, distributing department, etc. This training plays a vital role because it assures the overall quality of any food product. Companies involved in the practice of storing and distribution of food, consumer goods, packaging obtain this training with an aim to continuously enhance the process of storage and distribution.

Implementation of an internal audit scheme is really necessary to ensure the quality and food’s safety. Under BRC Internal Auditor Standards Training course will be modified so that standards are easily grasped as understanding BRC global internal audit standards is quite a task. Trainees will not only get theoretical but as well as practical exposure of internal audit. This course is provided on-site as well as off-site, as per the trainee’s demand and facility.
When it comes to providing BRC Third Party Auditor Course, PMC is a renowned and leading provider in the USA. Training will primarily revolve around on how to execute and obtain third party audits. Trainees will learn about audit management and report writing. This course is best for those who seek to know basics of the auditing and wish to pass standards in order to become auditors.

Along with BRC training, BRC pre-assessment training service is also rendered. Under this, documents maintenance and system implementation are checked. This is same as mock-audit

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