I saw this post recently and was like dang, I sound just like the hardworking girl coming home from break (all I want to do is not leave my couch *side eyes my mother*) He just praised me and admired my hard work and dedication to school and pursuing my dreams.

But um he didn't, first of all if you have to diss someone else to praise me and I do not need your appreciation.

Second of all, shout out, yes shout out, to all those girls out there who have found a way to hustle and gain deals through posting pictures. You can do whatever you want with your body, believe it or not.

If you decide to sell waist trainers because you have following ok, do you then. I and no one else has the right to judge you. If you decide to post pictures of you in your bra and underwear, again good for you. If you are an “Instagram model” who has found a way to monetize your fame good for you.

I feel like in this post The Game was trying to call these girls out for selling themselves . One of the most valuable lessons I learned from a professor is that we are all selling ourselves. The Game is doing all those reality shows and posting to increase is following and selling power himself. He is posting dick pics to attract people as well.

In the end, we are all prostitutes, whether we are using our education or our bodies. (SN your body your choice, obv it looks good on ig people are flocking to the Instagram page)

“We’re all prostitutes if you think about it. The whole capitalist system is built on meretriciousness. You sell your body or you sell your mind, and the Cartesian mind/body thing is a fallacy anyway, your mind is just your brain, so it amounts to the same thing really.” — M. Thomas Gammarino,

My point is stop complimenting one woman’s hustle by bringing down another. Especially when you date women like those who you have just insulted.

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