Pathology of a love without remedy

the symptoms of a heart begin long before the diagnosis, suspicions, doubts, perception in the change of the conduct: fear, panic; and in some way our brain begins to take two sides, warning you that you must react and indica insecurity which announces that everything is only a perception, an idea incorrectly interpreted, and as in all mock disasters shows you a giant notice that says «Remember to retain the calm», and is usually the last thing that passes through your mind, by the contrary I, the amount of theories of conspiracies is infinite, until the neighbor’s dog is a possible culprit; But the tragedy is compounded when we began to Search the terrorist within us, something that is good for self reflection and to turn terrible by putting as shooting target for not having mentioned that he liked the black coffee in that output together (among other bunk).

When it reaches the diagnosis there is no contemplation, either because you are formally notified that your love life is just or that interests you by any other means, and even so, there are even more serious cases in which you are not notified and simply receive a huge amount of silence; no matter how did you become aware of your death, reflexes begin to appear immediately (in some cases take up to 48 hours to appear) are looking for remediated in your friendships and magicamente all you know are busy, recurres to plan b and your concept of anesthesia is eating up to burst or drinking alcohol to forget temporarily that you’ve die, subsequently to the above appear the insomnia and The crying, form a combo with food and alcohol that adhere to it as a leech and to complete your funeral, your brain during the next 4 or 8 weeks only submit in its cinemas, in all its functions «yesterday’s memories», which is an interesting movie, since microscopic details and unnoticed begin to appear for our knowledge, processing and learning; while this period lasts feel that never obtain justice, that the life we this criticize by some bad action and that we are scrubbed!.

After you become dehydrated to tip of tears, rub the unhealthy mental with everything that happened, you should have a sense of pride, suffered the hell without end in suicide (or in some cases some kind of metamorphosis zombie), but that is not the real battle, the fight where demonstrates the sweat and blood of victory is when you have in front of your eyes anything you spoiling, shining, renovated and shining only for thee; thy infinite source of love back to you, and this time it seems that everything is perfect; they say «be careful what you want»; step nearly a year and a half to see my dream come true, but with the excellent sense of humor that has the Life, came to a desert that the same built during that time, stacking pride after pride, tear to tear; there will not be the smallest microbe of that love nest; some neutral memories and a white flag in peace with the phrase «do what you want».

To know on a third party helps forge new (and more healthy) concepts of what is a «nice» relationship of love, but the game rises to expert level when things with that third party do not work, and is as deafening the end that the person chooses to make account that never exististe and that that message that makes your cell phone turns on with a message from his hated love is simply an electrical failure of the appliance; there begins the epic battle, when the past begins to be seen as a meadow filled with scented flowers on a summer day; but when the heart is exhausted that summer, when the summer burned as the embers more hot Del Sol (in the form of fourth-degree burns) when After sleepless nights, of not being able to retain your tears or even at the moment of speaking about the news of the newspaper, then to look for hours the screen of the mobile waiting for you to turn on announcing a message from be loved, just after that drains the battery of your heart, it is you really feel and understand that this is a living, begins the acceptance not only of yourself, as you are, also to accept that you are alive.

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