The Erin Brockovich love syndrome

21st century it requires us to be ever more and better in the version which we offer ourselves to the world, we are constantly bombarded by motivations whose purpose is to make inteminable list of goals and objectives for each area of our life; for example, we started wanting to be thin, then we want to be athletic, then we want to have every part of our body marked and defined, and so on in every aspect of our daily lives, which don’t pay attention is the fact that this removes us something invaluable for the couple and for ourselves, and that is time, the pure gold of our lives.

The love syndrome Erin Brockovich begins precisely with the absence of time in our lives, be already why we must invest it working to survive (or to obtain higher income), or why inside the fixation of being perfect, we invest most of our time in the desrrollo of our careers and/or personal growth; we focus so much in these aspect that we forget completely the life of the person who has chosen us like its company; we are conscious of that have its goals and personal sleep, but we give him more importance to the recognition of the chief than to the ideals of our couple; when you are a relation that suffers this pathology, your couple stops being your partner (a) sentimentally to cover the roll of aistente personnel, housekeeper or mayorodomo, and if there are children, the babysitter’s personage covers also full time; this type of relations does not happen just in certain social classes, or goes of the hand with the professional success of one of the members of the couple, if they are fixed in Erin, inside its few economic stability, I take all its determination to its labor career, forgetting its faithful partner; the most delicate thing of being in a relation like that is that your couple is a time bomb that is loaded with TNT day by day, so estarà next to you while him the patience lasts, but once this one is finished, its liberation will be such, that the chernobyl disaster will look like a simple chemistry game to side of the rupture of the relation, and although you decide to pull out your sword of the love and to protect you with the shield of that your actions were for the good of the two, very few are the couples that manage to survive so brutal impact.

In the love syndrome Erin Brockovich also there is a factor that is highly poisonous for the couple relation; and the fact is that the wounds of the past relations the charges of the same form in which crucifix loaded its cross; and you do not think to release them for anything of the world!; this a person turns you totalmene blind, since your couple can extract the time, the dedication to make you be sorry specially and transmit the whole plenitude of its love to you, but what for other is the moon bends, you are so focused in you, that only you see these acts like a twinkle opposite to you, twinkle that bothers to you the panoramic sight of your central target; you prefer to surrender in body and soul to any thing that is not related to the love, and when you go so far as to notice all that you import for him to another person, use like self-defense strategy extracting your heavy artillery up to destroying to the target; of the same form in which Erin pushes back initially all the affections of its new conquest; not all the human beings we are equal, in spite of existen certain negative bosses in our life, every being is only and different, therefore, if you still have not cured the pain of your past do not even occur to you bring in a new relation since more than the suffering that you happen to yourself, you do that for the person who loves you you turn into something absolute and completely unattainable.

We cannot leave aside that when you are in this one in a relation of this type, your love expressions turn so exhouses that only appear in Christmas, new year and san valentin; all this is a process that is paid very expensively, so when everything ends (and it is when finally your love has your attention), your couple there extracts a wide and detailed list to you of awful person that you were, and of the beautiful details that he was keeping for the moment in which you finally were going out of your state “zombie”.

A relation is something that reaches port more to your life that a simple company, without importing that this is the only thing for that you are looking; that’s why you must balance your targets and your affectionate relation, and if it is necessary to become excessively organized and agendar a schedule for every aspect of your life; since an affectionate rupture, always and under any concept, is unpleasant, process that can only be avoided by the abstinence, and not with the denial; if you feel that something of this goes with you, you must begin to take conscience if really you wish a couple or if you are better inside the free albeldrio of the unmarried state.