THE PROJECT is an art project that aims to put focus and address environmental issues like unemployment, food and transportation, among others, in the informal settlement of Khayelitsha.

The purpose is to create awareness and showcase the issues and inspiring initiatives that brings solutions to these issues! It’s about using the community and inspire young people to use their creativity to something constructive. The project is founded by the guys behind Ekasi Project Green, which you can check out here: (https://web.facebook.com/Ekasi-Project-Green-306499716226899/)

As a part of our Kaospilot outpost we are in Cape Town trying out, playing, experimenting and learning with and from the disciplines from our three first semesters. — Project management, business design, process leadership and creative leadership, while working with different projects in a new context — Ekasi Project Green together with the Kaospilots, will be focusing on Project Pics, as one of them.

Currently we are in our fourth working week, out of eight. As an end outcome of this project and our Ekasi and Kaospilot collaboration, we are working towards creating an art exhibition that showcase the environmental issues and potential solutions via different types of art. Mainly an exhibition of storytelling shown through film and photography, told by the locals of Khayelitsha.

On the picture above you see the courtyard of Vuzamanzi Primary School — On April 21st the place will be transformed into a pop-up gallery and exhibition. Again, the goal is to bring awareness and inspiration to people in Khayelitsha and outside of the informal settlement, both. We would like to invite all of Cape Town, and we see the event as a great opportunity to connect, learn, explore and create new relationships.

For me, this project is a collaboration of sharing and exchange of experience, knowledge, skills and perspectives, and gaining a lot of new insights.

What inspires me the most from working with Project Pics is the passion that I feel it’s built on. With this project they want to inspire and have a positive impact in their community, and I am sure they already am. I feel light and inspired by the strong community-feeling and openness they have with each other and that they bring to the project. I hope the pop-up exhibition will show that as well.

Will we see you April 21st?

Address: Mcumo Rd Site C, Khayelitsha

Time: 2pm- evening