Dumpster Fires Threaten Libel Suit Over Comparisons to Trump Campaign

Dumpster fires are fed up with comparisons to Trump campaign and are taking action.

ALLEY. After months of comparisons to the Trump campaign, many dumpster fires have had enough and are pushing back. An attorney retained by the dumpster fires issued a cease and desist order to the general public citing “numerous slanderous statements” equating them to the Trump campaign. Visibly offended at the repeated comparisons, the smoky, raging dumpster spokesfire stated “Enough is enough. These attacks on our character and integrity must end. It’s outrageous. We are not so reckless or insulting as that campaign. We make quite pleasant company comparatively speaking. These associations are at best careless…at worst slanderous.”

Another dumpster fire stated “We exercise control and restraint and ultimately provide some benefit.” Musing about the Trump campaign the dumpster fire continued after some intense crackles, pops, and gaseous releases, “We have never seen anything so wretched.” A third quickly chimed in “That campaign is an awful, depraved mess. It’s worse than a pack of stark raving mad lunatics having a clusterf**k while in a train wreck on the Titanic. We may not be at the top of the totem pole but we have standards.”

Regarding the their next steps if comparisons continue, the dumpster fires and their attorney indicated that they would take it on a case by case basis….but for now, the public stands warned. “We won’t continue to take these insults laying down.” they said.