Kapil Gupta

No holds will be barred here. Close your eyes, plug your ears, or just walk away from the screen if you are not looking to hear The Truth!

Man is such an exuberantly clever creature.

He created clocks Not to keep track of time but to give himself 24 hours for an activity that requires half an hour.

He is a pathological and incessant Time Waster.

And I will tell you right up front that I don’t have any respect whatsoever for the concept of “patience.”

If you were drowning in a lake, would you be “patient?”

Would you look at the clock and wait for the “appropriate time” to call out for help?

You might say, “But I’m not drowning in a lake.”

There are many holes in that statement, but my immediate response is, “It’s too bad that you’re not.”

Because if you were drowning in a lake, at least you wouldn’t waste time!

Almost all “business meetings” are a criminal waste of time.

Simply Criminal!!!!

When I hear people say to me, “Some time this year, we will . . . “ I simply disconnect.

Believe me, my friend. In my profession, I’ve heard it all.

“One day I will . . . “

“When the time is right . . . “

“We really must get together some time and . . . “

“The next time I see him I will tell him . . . “

“When I’m in the area I will . . . “

Can you just for once Be Honest?

Why not just say, “I don’t want to.”

Or . . .

“I could tell you that one day I’ll do it, but if I’m just plain honest with you, I’m probably not going to.”

And if you Really Do Mean that you will do it one day, then why wait until “one day?”

Do it Now!!!!

I didn’t say do it “Today.”

I said NOW.




The truth is that almost all of the things that you are going to “get to” aren’t going to get done any way.

So either be truthful and say that you’re not going to do it.

Or do it Now!

No middle ground!

(Moderation is another myth. But I’ll save that for another time).

And please . . .

I beg you . . .

I absolutely plead with you . . .

Do not tell me that “you’re too busy.”

Listen, my friend.

No one in this world is “too busy” for that which they Sincerely Want To Do.

No one!

If you were in a meeting with the top five heads of state in the world and someone interrupted and told you that your house had caught on fire, you wouldn’t be “too busy” to tend to the matter.

No One is “too busy.”

A “too busy” human being has never existed in the history of the human race.


“I’d rather not” human beings certainly exist.

“I don’t feel like doing that right now” human beings absolutely exist.

“I’m too afraid to entertain that at this point in my life” human beings without a doubt exist.

But “too busy” human beings are a mythological creation.

Either Do . . .

. . . or admit that you’re not going to do.

But stop the nonsense in your life.

You will be respected for it.

“How refreshing,” people will exclaim.

Tomorrow never comes.

It never has.

And it never will.

“Eventually” is even worse than tomorrow.

It doesn’t even have the Hope of coming.

“Some time this year . . . “

“When the time is right . . . “

“We are working on it . . . “





Patience is only a virtue within the pages of impractical textbooks and in the eyes of the Insincere.

Patience is Clever Procrastination and nothing more!

Patience is invisible dust floating in the wind.

Now is clean, clear, and bright.

Now captures the essence.

Now is right in front of your eyes and mine.




Or Shut Up!

Kapil Gupta

Written by

Kapil Gupta is a personal advisor to CEO’s, Professional Athletes, Celebrities, and Performing Artists around the world.

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