The Nectar

An Olympic runner spends years preparing for a 100 meter sprint that lasts for 10 Seconds or less.

If he wins, he stands on the podium with a gold medal around him, for a few Minutes.

Jeremy Jones spends years planning a trip to remote Himalayan Peaks. He spends months traveling. He spends weeks acclimatizing. He spends days climbing.

All for a ride that lasts one or two Minutes.

You know the old saying, “What you put into it is what you get out of it?”

Well it isn’t true.

Not quite.

The real Truth is “The putting into it IS the getting out of it.”

A man becomes wealthy. He has 700 million to 12 billion in equity. He’s got a few hundred million that’s liquid.

He doesn’t count it. He never even thinks about it. It’s just “there.” Sure, it’s useful. It’s handy.

But his everyday life isn’t much different from the one who has $30,000 in the bank.

I don’t mean from a moralistic or “human equality” standpoint (you won’t get that kind of talk from me). I mean from a day-to-day experience of life perspective.

Allow me to share with you a concept:

If you put into it Today, in order to get something out of it Tomorrow, you’ve wasted today And tomorrow.

What do I mean by “wasted?”

What I mean by “wasted,” is that there is no Nectar.

The entire spirituality movement is based upon this false idea.

If you do penance Today, you will reap the reward some day in the future.

Just keep “practicing,” and one day it will come.

Just keep “meditating,” and one day it will come.

If you believe that, you might as well believe in the tooth fairy. (And the sad reality is that most of the world spends their entire life believing in the tooth fairy).

What I’ve always told my clients is this:

We aren’t going to do anything Today in order to get a benefit Tomorrow.

Whatever we are going to do will get you the benefit Now.

NOW is my God.

If I work with a pro athlete, the thing that I bring to him will allow him to see results NOW.

With a CEO, the feeling is felt NOW.

The Clarity dawns NOW.

Certainly, it will mature over time. The understanding will become richer with time.

But the taste and the feeling are experienced NOW.


I don’t think you’ll find many (or any) who work this way. Because they have bought into the idea of “practice today” for an “eventual result.” This idea is sacred in our culture.

And it is a lie.

Bullshit works in the “future.” And that “future” always remain far away. It somehow never arrives.

The Truth never works in the “future.” It only works NOW.

Find The Truth. And you will not have to wait for tomorrow.

I am a pathologically impatient human being.

I refuse to Wait.

Wasting time churns my insides.

The only reason that we do what we do . . .

Is because we crave The Nectar.

And the Nectar lies in becoming Lost.

When you don’t see anything else. When you don’t hear anything else. You’re just . . . Lost.

Lost in your Thing.

Whatever your Thing happens to be.

Why does it feel to good stand before thousands of people?


Why does it feel good to win?


The problem, however, is that these “Nectar moments” last only a short while.

And then one defaults to “normalcy.”

Five minutes, 30 minutes, two hours, or four . . .

Then the show is over.

The lights are taken down.

The cameras are put away.

The equipment vans drive off.

Cinderella returns to being a housemaid.

Normalcy sucks.

Human beings live for the stage, in one way or another.

The stage in one’s profession is obvious. But man also seeks the stage at home. He wants to be lost in “love.” He wants to be at Peace with his family.

Women often tell their husbands, “I want us to be passionate and affectionate, the way we used to be.”

That’s Nectar.

I’ve been getting emails for Years telling me that I need to take my work to the masses. Many are very upset with me for openly shunning the masses.

I get several emails a month telling me that I shouldn’t just be working with Professional Athletes, CEO’s, Performing Artists, and Celebrities.

I only work with those with whom I feel the Nectar.

The masses aren’t interested in transformation. They are only interested in hearing advice that they won’t follow.

Life is too short to spend my time trying to convince the unconvincible.

We’re not on this planet to “work.”

We’re here to create!

Those of you who have been with me from the beginning will remember this, as you went through it several times: The emails that you used to receive titled “Refining The List.”

Good, bad, or stupid, I’ve always wanted a small list rather than a big one. I’ve “refined” it so many times, I’ve lost count. I like to handpick people to be on my list.

In fact, if you look closely at my “subscription box” on my website, it doesn’t say “subscribe.”

It says “Apply.”

I remember one person who took offense to the fact that I stopped sending him my discourses. I’ll never forget. We went back and forth for days. The only reason that I kept responding to his complaint was because I wanted him going away perfectly clear as to why I was doing this.

I’m not saying I have the best marketing strategy. I’m not a marketer. And I’m not an email collector.

I have no $99 programs to sell.

I have no capture pages, squeeze pages, sales funnels, or buy-now buttons.

I’m only in it for the Nectar.

If I didn’t have a family, I wouldn’t have any need for money. And I could find my Nectar in a comfortable and secluded cave at 18,000 feet in the Nepalese Himalayas.

I only want to speak and work with World Class Individuals. Because they make for the most interesting conversations. They tend to be bent toward the Unusual, Rare, Legend, Greatness, Best in History type things.

What do I get from that?


I lose myself in my work with clients.

Truth be told, if I’m guilty of anything it’s not being quite selective Enough.

Every day, I learn to refine, refine, refine.

I love to subtract, subtract, subtract.

Until only the Essence remains.

If this is the case . . .

If what man truly seeks above all else is Nectar . . .

Then what are the implications of this?

All that you want is the Nectar.

So why not attract only the Nectar?

I don’t like the way I said that.

It sounds like I’m trying to talk you into it. And I don’t want to talk you into anything.

I’ll say it this way, instead.

In every part of my life, I am engineering it such a way that I have only the Nectar. And no “horrible normalcy.”

I want Nectar even when I’m eating dinner.

I have wasted so much of my life not knowing the things that I have now come to know.

I must make up for lost time.

I must find a way to be Permanently Lost.

This is non-negotiable.

And something tells me you want the very same thing.


Originally published at on January 1, 2018.

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