Truths I Do Not Need You To Understand

This discourse is not written for your betterment.

It is not written in order to make you understand.

It is not written for your health.

It is just written.

A human being spends his entire life hankering for that which he does not have.

While, at first, this might sound like an admonition, it in fact stands to reason.

Society preaches that one should be happy with what one has.

That humans should count their blessings.

That they should be grateful.

While the human may possess material pleasures and comforts, it stands perfectly to reason why he chases that which he does not have.

For the fact is, he does not have anything at all.

He does not truly have the love his children.

He does not truly have the adoration of his spouse.

He does not truly have the loyalties of his employees.

He does not at all have peace.

He does not at all have quiet of mind.

Even the things he owns can one day be taken away from him.

He is but a single misfortune away from destitution.

He is but a single conflict away from estrangement.

Everything in this life is false.

For the constructs, the institutions, and ideas upon which this entire society is built are false.

Somewhere within his heart, man recognizes this.

He subconsciously attempts to appease his wife. In order to win her affection, or escape her scorn.

He subconsciously attempts to buy his children’s love. For he knows in his heart of hearts that they will far easier leave him than he could leave them.

He attempts to “do right” by his employees so that he may be seen as benevolent and kind.

The entire structure of his life is built upon an ocean of fears, big and small.

He is a delicate creature forever on the verge of collapse.

It is not an overstatement to say that on a given day something so small as a smile prevents his collapse.

He chases pleasure at every turn.

He avoids pain at every turn.

He likes this.

But hates that.

He hopes for this.

But fears that.

He sighs a relief at this.

But worries about that.

He praises this.

But condemns that.

He blames another today.

But feels guilty about it tomorrow.

He blames himself today.

And feels sanctimonious about it tomorrow.

He makes empty and reflexive comments at social gatherings.

He laughs at bland jokes in order to win favor.

He rethinks the decisions he was once so certain about.

He forgets things that were ostensibly important to him.

Life is suffering indeed.

Is it not?

What is one to do?

The fact that this very question is forever on his mind is perhaps the greatest cause of his suffering.

Understand this:

All things in this world are a farce.

All prescriptions are lies.

All relationships are one-part love, and nine-parts something else.

All morals are disingenuous.

If there is a gateway to The Truth, it is the following:

I. Don’t. Know.

(And if you dare say this from your lips rather than your heart, you will instantly turn to stone).