Tripping on nothing, getting dizzy living!

Consider this some kind of heroic, brave adventure, ‘cause it takes a lot out of me to write what I have written ahead.
• Everyone has insecurities, (trust me, mine are the size of a pregnant elephant’s belly) but our insecurities shouldn't have anything to do with what people see as a flaw in us.
When your hair looks great at 2 am or when you look the prettiest in a rear view mirror! Such an inconvenient time and place to feel the most confident. But its confidence nevertheless! And that’s what I seek in my life, to be confident and satisfied.
And maybe understanding that whoever coined “Beauty is but skin deep” wasn't a total jerk! How you look doesn't represent what you are.
I am many things, music lover, an altruist, funny, loving, caring, foolish, a purist (in its deepest sense), intellectual (so I like to believe) and none of this can be deduced when you see my perfectly round face (almost like god took a compass to prevent himself from going wrong) with a huge diamond on the left side of a rather sharp nose.
I maybe insecure of how I look but I don’t need any ones validation to prove it to myself that I’m an interesting person. And that’s where my insecurities end and seem meaningless.

• Life isn't always climate controlled, well lit and welcoming, and being young, I feel climactic, experiencing extraordinary highs and extreme lows within a few close breaths.

But, with time, I’m getting better at life!

• There’s pretty faces and ugly faces , and then there’s skippable faces, the kind you wouldn't turn back to, on the road, or the kind that just manages to level the (metaphorical) see-saw! That’s me, its average, average is good.
Some people don’t like my hair, others hate my attitude, my choices, my beliefs, my mannerisms; But Everything I do, I do enthusiastically, i add drama, like my life is a little bit of Cirque du Soleil.

I am that I am and that I am is enough” — Jason Mraz

So am I really that skippable? No!
I am beautiful and profound, never unnoticed or unheard!

• I like to keep myself grounded so there’s no possibility of an emergency water landing. But most others could fly all they want!

• I don’t entirely hate anything about myself, yes, I have days when getting out of bed, seems like the worst idea ever; the days when you feel like a flat tire that farts and squeaks like a balloon that you just burst. But don’t we all experience a bad hair day, a headache, a zit, a cold, an ingrown hair, a paper cut — there’s always something to keep our sweet lives from being absolutely serene.

• What annoys me are labels! Labels like “fat”, “thin”, “ugly”, “pretty”! Why do we need to classify things again and again until they rot us or scare us? Seems like a great waste of energy.

• But this isn't a “fat girl’s mourning diary”, its about Reawakening your self to all the amazing-ness you already are, beginning now!
Being adjusted to what you are, happy with what you’ve got, working on it, making the best of seemingly lull situations.
Its about focusing on what’s great about you, how your laughter makes everyone laugh, how a simple compliment makes someones day, how singing makes you happy, how you singing, makes others happy. You win.

• Satisfaction brings happiness beyond belief. It doesn’t matter to me if I’m fat, short, tall, ugly, pretty, dark, fair, rich or poor. It matters to me and to those I matter to, that I’m happy. That I get up every morning willingly, not just ‘cause i have to. And I smile like I want to, not ‘cause I need to.

“For never burning out”- Jason Mraz

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