Shaun King returned 100% of online donations made to Justice Together
Shaun King

Shaun, you are so full of shit that it has become sad to watch you try to weasel your way out of this situations. The ONLY reason you have been given a handful of second chances is because people: (a) would rather let you talI out of your add than challenge you only for you to label them a sellout/Uncle Tom (Milwaukee Sheriff) or a bigot/racist (any white person who disagrees with you); and (b) don’t want to believe that you are just yet another fraud who exploits his own people for personal, professional, and financial gain. History is filled with self-proclaimed Civil Rights Activists who exploited African Americans & increased racial division to maintain personal relevance. When Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton appear on TV even a majority of African Americans shake their heads, knowing that they are about to see a public relations show of self promotion. That is what you have become. Just another fraud who likes to bully people through fear & social media. I at least give Sharpton & Jackson credit for having their boots on the ground. While people were dodging bullets & marching in Ferguson, you were in the comfort of your home in Atlanta, writing unsourced, inaccurate second-hand accounts of the events unfolding there. Honestly, what have you really done that qualifies you as an activist? Raise money? Good for you, but that’s what campaign managers & event planners do, hardly activist duties. The truth is that you have been obsesed with gaining fame & notoriety for years now. Your first company was one that helped celebrities connect with their biggest fans, not a 501(c)(3). You sought to rub shoulders with celebrities just like every other groupie & teenage girl. How did that venture work out? You saw the black plight at the hands of police as your avenue to gain fame. You couldn’t care less about the innocent kids being killed & the grieving families left behind. You claimed that you were consumed with bringing change so much so that you allowed your then-job performance as nothing more than an IT geek decline to the point where you were fired. You claimed that you were so driven & angry that you lost focus & dedication to school & dropped out of USC Journalism School to become an activist. That would be nice had if it were actually true. The truth is that you were fired from your IT job due to incompetence that started long before the Garner death (the first one you noted). As for school, the truth is that you just weren’t smart enough to back it & would have been asked to leave due to your bad grades had you not withdrawn first. Coming from a person who has a Bachelor’s Degree & a Doctorate, journalism school is a joke. The profession certainly suits you though. The types of people who become journalists are those who are never wrong & have an ulterior motive in their writing, such as self-promotion. You should have stuck with school though because you’re not very good.

You made a couple points & affirmations above that I would like to discuss & bring out the truth. The first point is with your fundraising efforts for Tamir Rice & his family. You are correct in stating that Mr. Crump thanked you for what you did for the family. What you failed to mention was that was the SECOND time you raised money for Tamir’s family. The first time you tried you did so without the family knowing. As a matter of fact, when the family saw you had a crowd sourcing page for Tamir, they had no idea who you were. The attorney representing the family at that time had to go to court & get an injunction to freeze the assets of the crowd sourcing account that YOU created. Tamir’s family didn’t see a penny of that money for the purposes you stated in the fundraising intent. Tamir’s mother reached the point where she couldn’t live at the home she was in & wanted to move but had no money. She went to court to seek the release of the money from your fundraiser for purposes of relocating & she wasn’t permitted to do so as the funds were the subject of current litigation & the entire amount was still unaccounted for. After her motion was denied in Court, she fired her then-attorney & hired Mr. Crump to take over. Only then was it that Mr. Crump contacted you & asked you to raise the money you mentioned above. Furthermore, there is more than circumstantial proof that funds you raised for the family were used to pay both attorneys, which is a bit of an issue. Don’t mind me, I’ve only been the campaign manager of 7+ successful political campaigns by the time I turned 30, but wouldn’t common sense tell you that when you raise money to help a person in the immediate aftermath of a certain event the money should be given to them rather quickly? The money in your first fundraiser for Tamir became litigation a month after you started it & after repeated inquiries from the family of how & when they would get the money. Fishy? Add that situation to your Haiti fundraising efforts — which were examples of old school fraud — and you have an issue. It would have been nice to let your readers know the truth.

The second issue I would like the discuss is your claims regarding Justice. That’s All, and Justice Now. You claimed that Justice. That’s All (JTA) was first, followed by “Justice Now” (JN), and that both were registered as 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Organizations with the IRS. That is just a flat out lie. First, JTA & JN are NOT legally considered the same company. Each entity was incorporated under different corporate names. To be the same legal entity, you would’ve had to change the D/B/A (“Doing Business As”) name of JTA to JN under the incorporated name of JTA. You never did that, but I know exactly why you are trying to make that point. It is illegal to collect donations as a nonprofit group without registering with the IRS & receiving 501(c)(3) designation. You never did that with JTA. You only did that with JN after you were informed of the illegal fundraising of JTA. As the President/CEO/HNIC of JTA, you broke the law. Every single donation you collected was a violation of the US Tax Code & given your actions at the end of JTA’s existence, you probably committed mail fraud & wire fraud as well. What do I mean? When people began questioning the legitimacy of JTA & where the donations were going, you decided to close up shop. The JTA website went down, publicly available donation information vanished, and you began refunding some of the donations — to the people you knew would blow up your spot. Once that was done, you dissolved the corporation altogether & incorporated a brand new entity that became know as JN. Those are the actions of people who engaged in fraud with fake nonprofits in the 80’s & 90’s. You were either too lazy or too dumb to change up the pattern so you wouldn’t get caught. You can repeat the assertions you made above until you’re blue in the face & it won’t matter. Any attorney you consult will tell you that ignorance of the law is not a valid defense to a crime. You also stated that you would file taxes for the Organizations for 2015. That is fine & dandy for JN, but JTA collected donations for the 2014 tax year yet no return was ever filed. Woops, another offense. You've been given more chances than a person with your track record deserves. You've engaged in business patterns that mirror past instances of criminal fraud; you have lied about your reasons for employment termination; you lied about your past with regards to the circumstances surrounding the beating you got in HS for messing with a woman; and you have intentionally stoked racial flames & divide for personal gain. You haven't debunked a single allegation & have gone on the offensive, personally attacking people & calling them names while mixing a few claims of innocence between salvos. You have flat out stole money with your celebrity networking business by promising to give profits to a charity that never existed. Finally, as CEO of a crowd sourcing system, while also employed privately at the time, you decided to pay yourself an annual salary (masked as expense reimbursement) of $160,000 while only paying out approximately $184,000 in funds people raised. The funds weren't even paid under your tenure as CEO despite people inquiring several times. You left that task to the incoming CEO after you sold the business. Must have been expensive to run an online company from the comfort of your lazy ass parked in the chair at the desk of you home office in Atlanta. To me that is a clear case of fraud & embezzlement. I can't wait until the day when the G-Men knock on your door to bring you in. You'll cry racism, but no one will be listening to you at that point. Your young daughter — the one you have exploited & dragged into your nefarious dealings — will grow up knowing that all her dad did was lie to her about who he was & is nothing but a fraud. Someone who hurts & injures innocent people at the most vulnerable times of their lives deserves the pain of living the rest of your days knowing your own daughter hates your guts.

The final claim that you misrepresented was that you never get paid for speaking engagements. You're once again full of shit. It might be true that you weren't paid for the ones you listed, but you were caught on camera asking for $7,500 to speak on injustice & racism. That right there is the definition of exploiting the people you are claiming to help. I'm a recovering alcoholic & damn proud of it. I am also a very gifted orator & have been paid to hold symposiums on certain issues unrelated to my alcoholism. I frequently speak at AA meetings, rehabs, and high schools as a form of service. Even if I was offered $100,000 to speak on alcoholism I wouldn't accept it. I do the speaking commitments because I genuinely care about others & want to help. If you were a true activist you would never ask for a penny. Did MLK get paid to speak? He would have been offended if he were even offered money to speak on injustice & racism. There you are, once again exploiting African Americans for financial gain. I have the link to the website that has the story which exposed you on this issue so if someone wants it they can contact me on social media. There is also a video proving the compensation request that no spin master, even one as great a Shaun could get out of. I'm going to at least give Shaun the grace of not being proven a liar in his own story & withhold posting the story link & video. It isn't too hard to find in Google though.

The behavior you have engaged in is worse than the archaic behavior that the few remaining racists exhibit on people. They do what they do because they have a strongly held belief — regardless of whether they are wrong or not — while your actions have been intentional, deceitful, manipulative, and exploitative in the interest of personal gain. You prey on people who are seeking anyone to help them at a vulnerable time in their life. You make promises, take their money & give them hope when your true intent the entire time was to let them down & enrich only yourself. An activist does more than write on social media & raise money. An activist gets his hands dirty just like the BLM members who called you out on Twitter last week. As a white guy from the suburbs who doesn’t give a rat’s ass how inner city police treat inner city residents, I have done more to help minorities than you have. The work I did as a volunteer assistant then nominally paid rookie attorney for my county’s Legal Aid group was more helpful to minorities. I worked tirelessly to keep young African American men and women from becoming statistics of the jails & getting stuck in the criminal justice system. I’ve also helped steer men & women of all races who suffer from the disease of alcoholism/drug addiction on a path towards sobriety. I got paid little to nothing in comparison to the work I put in & most of the time I don’t get compensated at all. That is action. That is helping. That is making a difference for the sake of doing what is right & not caring about personal gain. You’re a fraud & a predator. I make that claim without even considering the criminal activity you have engaged in because I will still give you the benefit of doubt without a formal criminal action having been commenced & adjudicated despite every bone in my body telling to me that you’re a thief, a scumbag, and an opportunistic predator. Not only that but you are a racist. Most times the first recognition of color comes from you pointing it out. You have called Trump a racist, xenophobe, and bigot while incorrectly reporting he called for the closing of all mosques. The truth was that he called for the closing of mosques that promote or engage in radicalization. As a Jesus Christ loving Catholic I would support the idea of closing Christian Churches who engage in the same acts. I think it’s a great idea & should be applied to Houses of Worship across the board. Being a religion doesn’t grant you freedom to teach hatred & promote violence. You even went as far as to call Trump the next Adolf Hitler. There was a time back in 2011 when someone made a reference about Obama being Hitler & that man was destroyed by liberals everywhere, stating that it is unconscionable to compare anyone to Hitler & it was racism why Hank Williams, Jr. said what he said. He didn’t even make the comparison based on ideology or actions, rather he said the Republican Speaker of the House playing golf with Obama was like Hitler playing golf with Netanyahu (Israel Prime Minister at the time). Hank lost his job due to what he said & was labeled as a bigot by true racists like yourself. As a matter of fact, any time a person identified as rightward leaning speaks out against something the President did, the reason is racism & no rebuttal is given by people like you & your followers. You cried that the Obama Birth Certificate issue was racism, but it happened to a non-black, confirmed conservative this past week & not a single peep from you. The truth is this. I am white, I am conservative, I feel Obama is the worst thing to ever happen to this country, I have real life examples to give in support of my opinion, and I couldn’t give a shit if you call me a racist. I dare you to. Want more truth? Obama had a spiritual adviser who preached violence, and hatred of white people & America overall. Obama was politically involved with a man who was convicted of committing a terrorist attack within the United States. Obama has a hatred for Israel due to his prejudicial attitudes towards Judaism & as a result has left both the US & Israel completely open to terrorism. Obama & his inaction, along with pure incompetence, is the primary reason why ISIL (it’s ISIL, not ISIS, jackass) has become as powerful as they are & a larger threat to the security of the United States than Al-Qaeda ever was. Trump was put into ISIL propaganda videos because Obama is actually liked by the enemy. They know that so long as Obama or someone similar is in office they are in no danger of being destroyed. They are scared to death for Trump to become President because they know a supreme ass kicking is coming minutes after his inauguration. Do you actually think that the name of the sitting President will make them hate us less? There isn’t a person alive who has the ability to create a truce & mutual respect between the US & Islamic Terrorist Groups. They are motivated by something more powerful than any political issue. They also suffer from a cultural problem that it is acceptable within their communities to pervert their religion & kill innocent people in the name of God. The reason Trump was in the video & not Obama is because Trump is feared by the enemy while Obama isn’t. The support you shown terrorists in recent writing has been disgusting. You were actually upset that the mental health of the San Bernardino terrorist wasn’t discussed before he was labeled a terrorist. Are you that dumb? For someone to feel it is acceptable to kill people in the name of religion & treat women as oppressively as some Middle Eastern countries governed by Sharia Law actually do, the person is bat shit crazy. To kill someone in cold blood requires the perpetrator to not be in good mental health. Committing a terrorist attack is a whole different level of crazy. Then you bitched that “conservatives” labeled the San Bernardino attack terrorism while not doing the same for the abortion clinic shooting & the Black Church shooting. That wasn’t conservatives, buddy. It was your pretentious liberal comrades in the media who did that. First off, anyone who knows anything about the issue knew right off the rip the San Bernardino shooting was a terrorist attack. The manner in which it was coordinated & sophisticatedly carried out screamed of terrorism. The abortion clinic shooting was carried out by a single person, not acting on behalf of a group or religion, due to his personally held beliefs that abortion was murder. It wasn’t a religious belief, rather it was a sourced, informed, albeit wrong personal belief. The attack on the clinic was a revenge killing. The shooting at the Black Church was an act of racism & a hate crime. Once again, it was an act thAt was carried out as a result to the shooter’s personally held social beliefs & wasn’t done on behalf of a group or religion. This is the only one of the two that would meet the criteria for a terrorist attack, but it doesn’t fall within the application of the term just like a shark could be defined as a fish, but is never called one. The Oklahoma City Bombings in 1995 carried out by McVeigh & Nichols was a terrorist attack & has been classified as such since it took place. It was an act of murder that was done in the name of a group (White Supremacists) & the intent of the attack was to instill fear & panic upon all Americans & demand of attention. The Clinic was an attack where the intent was to carry out revenge against the clinic for the perceived murder of babies & the Church shooting was an act where the intention was to kill other people out of hatred. If what you say is correct, then The Black Panthers were a terrorist group, as are other groups such as the bloods, crips, BGF. The truth is that the media has adopted an application of the term that has been widely accepted & they are fearful of broadening the term due to the liberal belief that Americans are not smart enough to form their own educated beliefs. They were fearful that including all of the events into one group would cause confusion & I know for a fact that the NY Times Administration held a meeting on that specific issue. The only person who misrepresented any of the 3 events was Obama when he called the San Bernardino terrorist attack an event of “workplace violence” before he knew whT was going on. It was the SECOND time he did yhat, the last one being September 11, 2011 when he classified the Benghazi Terrorist Attack “a protest that turned violent.” That one saw the death of a US Official & this last one saw the death of several innocent people of all races & ethnicities. There is an old saying that starts with “Fool me oncs, shame on you; fool me twice…” It also screams of incompetence.

Finally, in closing, I want to point out your policy of racist, double standard reporting. There are so many times where you cried racism but ignored more heinous or similar crimes where a white person was the victim & the perp was a black person that I am only going to mention the most recent. If people want to see just how deeply rooted this sentiment is ingrained within you, all they need to do is look at the NY Daily News articles you have written crying racism but ignored other acts where It was black on white. There was a 20 year old girl who was serving as a designated driver for her sorority sisters on New Years Eve. At a party the girls were subject to sexually derogatory talk from a group of African Americans, specifically about their endowment & what it meant for white women specifically. The girls left the party & the men followed. At a light, the men pulled up to the girls & started in with their sexually explicit language & race-related name calling & racial stereotyped misconceptions. The guys were told where to go & what to do in a impolite, albeit warranted manner, and the Black men responded to the spat by shooting a handgun into the car, killing an innocent woman with a head shot. Denton police arrested a black male who is an active USMC member, despite the fact he still claimed gang affiliation & identified himself by the street & gang name of Santana Sage. That murder was in cold blood & the confrontation began due to racism & racial stereotyping. Had the racial element of the victims been reversed, you would still be writing with hate & venom about the event. However, not a peep from you has come out, not even a simple acknowledgment. The day that news was being reported, You chose to once again write about Tamir Rice. That was a preventable tragedy, but not an act of racism or police injustice & persecution of African Americans. The officer who shot him lacked the type of threat assessment you would expect from law enforcement. However, Tamir was shot due to his acceptance of the cultural problem that is what is killing African Americans & inner city people. The shooting was a foreseeable conclusion to the actions Tamir committed that day. What would possess a teenager to think it is a good idea to walk around a public park with a very life-like replica of an assault weapon? My brother who is 7 years older than Tamir, played with the same airsoft guns as a kid, but he was told they were never to be taken from the home nor were they to ever be pointed at anyone. It was further explained to him that if a cop saw him with something That looked so real, there was a chance he could wind up being shot. I grew up in a lilly white NY suburb, yet the possibility of the Tamir outcome was known & real. The officer who shot him was acting off the information related to him at that time. He was informed that an adult male was shooting a machine gun in the park & menacing people by pointing the weapon at them. The dispatcher didmt relay the updated situation of a teenage male holding the weapon, not shooting, and was merely holding it in a non-violent manner. A contributing factor was the outdated communications of the CPD. Another was the false, thug report that was made to the police in the first place, a black woman by the way. The main factor was the cultural belief that guns & violence are socially acceptable & just an every day part of life in the inner city. Rap arists, drug dealers, thugs, and sports starts like Kobe Bryant (Rapist), Ray Lewis (Murderer), Floyd Mayweather, Jr. (Wife Beater) are role models & heroes instead of people like Corey Booker, Johnny Cochrane, Nelson Mandela, Russel Wilson, Andrew McCutchen, Step Curry, and the list goes on. The people who claim to represent & advocate for them, frauds like you, only seek to increase racial divide rather than close it. You don’t seek equal treatment & recognition, rather you want special treatment, more advantages, and public appologies from men who have done nothing wrong to you or African Americans except to be born white. The racism today exists not in white communities like it did during the 50’s & 60’s. Racism in the 21st Century lies in African American Radicals like you who preach intolerance, hatred & seek special treatment. You are the one who sees color first, everything else much later. That was a prevalent problem back in the times of MLK & Malcom, and it was commonplace in all white communities. Today it just doesn’t exist. There is a greater unwarranted disliking for homosexuals than there are for African Americans. The police issue is not a product of racism. White people have died at the hands of police, too. The problem is inadequate training, the lack of situational deescalation tactics, and politics. The sad fact is that elected officials just don’t challenge the police if they want a political future. You don’t win City, State, County, or Town wide office without the support of the local PBA Union. The PBA has staunchly opposed increased legislative or executive oversight of their officers. A lot of places caved into PBA pressure & adopted laws that protect police misconduct from being made public or prevent the fact finder in a police misconduct proceeding to be a person outside the Department. District & State’s attorneys are just as complicit. They are elected officials who rely on a good, cooperative relationship with the police as the lifeblood of their term in office. A majority of States & municipalities also have judgships as elected offices, making them complicit, too. Tehy all need to bee seen as tough on crime but maintain the support of the police union to keep their political careers in tact. If you think this is just a black problem, then I suggest you go get up to speed on the issues facing the Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office & Suffolk Police Chief James Burke. Burke is being held without bail on federal corruption charges, the top corruption DA has received a federal grand jury target letter, with an indictment expected this week, and the Suffolk County District Attorney just hired a Manhattan criminal defense attorney in response to everything, despite the fact police & DA’s are the first to say a person who hired a lawyer is hiding something. Did this come from the national anti-police movement? Nope, it was from a Justice Department investigation following a complaint made against Burke by a white, convicted felon who was also a heroin addict accusing Burke of assaulting him. The federal government is the only hope to spice the police violence issue that is plaguing every American community, not just black communities. The answer is with recomendations for changing & increasing the educational requirements & academy training required to become an officer. There also needs to be a real activist to come along who actually cares about his people. An activist that has the sole intent of bringing change, leaving personal ambition out of it. An activist who will publicly recognize the problem is the accepted culture in African American communities & that change can only occur from within. The blaming of white people & fake activists taking advantage of tragedies with the sole purpose to stoke the racial flame by spewing their personal hatred for white people, and engaging in self-promotion is old & ineffective. Racial quotas were put into place, large American cities were placed under judicial supervision for racial injustice, Affirmative Action was in place as a form of reparations, giving African Americans a leg up for over a decade, and African Americans were elected to significant power positions, including President, but what change took I place? Go walk through Chiraq (Chicago), Bronx, and southern rural African American communities & the answer quickly becomea clear & it is emphatically NOTHING. If point the finger & blaming people& institutions outside the community failed, maybe it is time to seek change from within. In order to successfully do that though, frauds & extortionate like Shaun King need to be outted. So long as people voluntarily surrend their power to bring change to exploitation experts like King, things will only get worse. Regardless of race, groups like BLM & the Black Student Union should be viewed as illegitimate. The issue shouldn’t start with color, it is about what is right. All lives matter. Everyone has the natural right to live free from state persecution. It is a matter effecting everyone & the terminal uniqueness needs to stop.

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