About Kapsuli : discover our story and much more

Sep 22, 2016 · 6 min read
The culture we’re trying to build. Our vision. And what you should know that really matters to us.

For any Twitch broadcaster, Kapsuli is the easiest way to get more viewers and save time on Twitter while streaming. But what truly drives us to build a social media tool made for livestreaming activities ?

Let’s start with our mindset

The Kapsuli team operates from multiple cities and countries : New York, Nantes and Paris. Beyond kilometers and a filled up work schedule, there’s one big thing that binds us together : the 3 of us are passionate about what’s going on today with the rise of online broadcasting and its upcoming challenges.

We’re convinced that livestreaming adds an incredible human touch to the Web, connecting people together more sensibly than ever before. — Yes, you can tweet it.

Livestreaming increasingly growing communities, especially in the eSport world, represent an awesome playground to bring real innovation to life. Thank you, we’re having unforgettable fun.

For those of you who know us from the very beginning, you know that we approach business in a particular way : we build with you, we build for you. You have problems and we ship solutions, so we Skype, we chat, we ask questions, we doubt and grow together. Co-creation is a core value in the Kapsuli DNA. We go step by step, with boldness, and that will always be.

We love what we do, our streamer-centric attitude pushes us to be the best we can in answering your concerns.
We will be there to fix bugs, listen to your feedback, and reply to any questions you may have from all around the world.

Alright then. Who are we ?

@ TimotheeFranc ________ @ ValentinOdier ________ @ The_MTR

Thomas, Valentin and Timothée : the 3 folks that build Kapsuli from the ground up ! We conceived this great app with passion and imagination (and a little bit of skill in our respective fields).

Our Engineering Guru Valentin brought us together, Tim & him met on campus in 2015 while Thomas is his best childhood friend. Now you know everything !

All of us at Kapsuli dream to be able to successfully live from this passion of ours. We are building an innovative service that seems to meet a real need for the industry, and we truly believe in the potential of the scene to grow even more.

As simple as that, you are dealing with reasonable people that would love to travel around the world and work remote on Kapsuli, with happiness as a first Key Performance Indicator in our company. Although two of us have jobs on the side which slowed down the development, we remained extremely committed to build a tool that we are proud of, and that hopefully will make the life of broadcasters around the world easier.

Connecting livestreamers with their audience

We would like to share with you the problem we always challenged ourselves to solve : how can a livestreamer manage to drive traffic while they are live ?

Twitter represents the best, most viral and open place where any livestreamer can be discovered : 90% of Twitch streamers use Twitter as a main promotion tool. Data don’t lie !

Our vision is logical : build the simpliest tool that syncs Twitter with livestreaming platforms, so that you can consistently grow your viewership, increase fan engagement and save precious time.

That’s why our first mission is to make it super easy for Twitch broadcasters to grow their traffic from Twitter.

A painful and growing issue


The average life of a tweet (for mid-sized to big accounts) goes up to 24 minutes. Broadcasters usually stream for hours, from 2–3 and up to 24. Today a broadcaster struggles to make even one “going live tweet”, which means his or her social outreach only represents a small fraction of the length of their live broadcast.


More than 45 million gamers gather every month on Twitch to broadcast, watch and chat about gaming. Twitch is now reaching out from the gaming community now to new promising categories, such as cooking, social eating, political debate, tech reviews or even design.
Recent moves in the industry prove massive investments in the domain of live experiences : Facebook Live, Younow, Periscope, Hitbox…
The livestreaming market is booming and we’ve been developing Kapsuli as a technology that can be plugged to any of these platforms.

Kapsuli solves the problem of missed traffic opportunities for livestreamers, with a smart automation of strong communication during your stream.

✌️ If this happens on my stream (real-time data we retrieve from the Twitch API) then send that GIF, image or even my custom Twitch player right inside Twitter… All your different schedules can be saved up in one dead-simple interface for fast execution and easy growth ✌️

Our software should not be considered as a new bot, it is much more your companion, your assistant for livetweeting. We would like that Kapsuli becomes your own reliable custom community manager.

Here are the values that drive us everyday building Kapsuli. We think it is normal you get to know them.

#1 Streamer-centric

In order to start building our platform, we’ve been spending hours on Skype with hundreds of you, to detect your daily streamers pains on social media and validate our craziest hypothesis. That approach lies in our DNA and we’ll stick to that, forever.

#2 Transparency

Marketing should never be boring.

Publicly sharing our growth metrics, troubles and milestones is one our core habits. We don’t see any reason that could prevent us from using this direct tone.

#3 Let’s get professional

From the newbie beginner to the star that hits the Twitch home page, we consider all streamers as professional. We know you’re a one-man army : you must combine gaming and entertainer skills, technical knowledge, social media and growth expertise, plus a huge time investment.
People often do not realize : building a great successful Twitch channel is kind of creating a proper start-up. That’s why as a solo-founder, you deserve tools that can soften your daily life and help you grow faster.

#4 Provide value

Of course money can’t buy happiness, but if you pay for Kapsuli, you want to know why.

If you’re like a start-up, you indeed want to get serious value out of Kapsuli.
This is a strong development focus for us : in months to come, you’ll be able to get to know precizely how much time you save each week thanks to Kapsuli, or how many clicks and viewers your live content strategy is driving for real.

We hope these couple of words help you get to know Kapsuli a little more.
At least from now on you can point Nantes on a French map ;)
Let’s make it happen together !

Wow, wait, if you get really that far reading about us, there are 2 things you might consider doing :

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