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All you need to know to get the most out of Kapsuli.

Frequently Asked Questions & Tutos

Sep 8, 2015 · 5 min read

Hello there, please let us on our Discord or on Twitter if anything else remains unclear, we’re to help 24/7 🙂

[ MUST-READ ] The 3 Most Important Things you have to know about Kapsuli.

  1. Yes, at the moment we are forced to automatically replace all your @s with #s because of the new Twitter Automation Rules.
    We share transparently all our story with their so-called “customer support” right here in this blogpost. In our upcoming Premium version of Kapsuli, you’ll be able to use 1 @ per tweet sent.
  2. We can’t make your player auto-play because of the current Twitter API Rules. Trust us, we’ll be rolling this feature immediately if this changes!

[ TECH, PRODUCT & SECURITY] Rest assured, we got you cover.

What about my Twitch account? What information is the Kapsuli App allowed to access and process?

  1. Your email address, so that we can chat together sometimes or send you major news.
  2. Your public real-time data, so that we can send your tweets during your live at the very right moment.

Nothing else, strictly nothing else.

What about my Twitter account ?

As Kapsuli is your very own community manager made for your livestreaming performances, we only have the ability to send tweets for you when you order. That’s all.

1 Twitch account = 1 Kapsuli account ?
Or 1 Twitter account = 1 Kapsuli account ?

1 Kapsuli account = 1 Twitch account + 1 Twitter account.
But all your work is saved up based on yourTwitter account.
This means you can plug as many Twitter accounts as you want to one Twitch account with Kapsuli, if it is your concern. But you can’t plug many Twitch accounts to one Twitter account.

I noticed a little delay between my real-time triggers and the moment my tweets are sent…

You’re right, there is a delay.
That timeframe is mainly due to the delay of sync between the 2 monster APIs the Kapsuli App is playing with: Twitch and Twitter.

Here are the official delay you should expect:

  • Trigger now: 15 sec.
  • Every other triggers: 60 to 180 sec.

If you notice some delays that exceed these data, please send us a tweet asap.

What should I do when Kapsuli crashes?

Hmmm, don’t worry.

When the API crashes, you’ll get a real-time notification warning you about the issue.

Keep calm, get a cup of coffee, refresh your page in maximum 15 minutes and everything will be fine

Our engineering team is working hard to reduce these bugs. But basically, the Kapsuli API is highly dependent on both Twitter and Twitch platforms/APIs stability, which, as you know sometimes… sometimes… *!x%!!**…
Well, you know.

Also, you can have a look at the APIs status right inside Kapsuli by clicking on the little eye in the top-left corner.

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What happens with my livequeue if my stream goes offline for any reason?

This is the serious problem anyone would have while using other social media tools on the market. With Kapsuli, your tweets are sent only and only if you stream is online*. So no stream, no tweets.
If your stream went down unexpectedly, we highly advice you to have a quick look at your Kapsuli livequeue before turning your stream on again: this way you’ll be able to reschedule in one simple click your livetweet session.

*Except if you’re using the outtro trigger “X minutes after stream end”.

What about my intweet Twitch player ? Should I update my Twitch info to get it on the player details?

All key information on your player (stream title, game, number of viewers, Twitch username, profile picture and channel) are updated in real-time thanks to a direct connection with the Twitch API.
One less thing you have to worry about during your stream :)
If you are using custom players, all of them are saved automatically as well.

Does the inTweet Twitch player work on mobile as well?

Yes, all the Kapsuli players (compact, standard, extended) work on both desktop and mobile. Here’s what you need to know precizely:

  • The Kapsuli player experience is strictly limited by the Twitter API rules.
  • That’s why on desktop, one intweet Kapsuli player works exactly like a Youtube video. You must often click on the tweet to let the player appear.
  • On mobile, it’s dead simple, you click on the… link, and you’ve got instantly your custom Twitch player, full screen.

[ Tutos & How-Tos ] How to get started with the tool and become a Kapsuli expert.

Regarding extended strategic questions, we advice you to jump on our blog articles where you’ll find great contents to grow your audience.

This one is highly recommended as it gathers some pro tips about Twitter & a free 5-step workshop to build up your strategy on Kapsuli:

However, in a nutshell, you should :

  • Tweet at least every 60 min (average lifetime of a tweet is 24 min) to consistently drive your Twitter traffic.
  • Use rich media such as images or GIFs : +150% retweets guaranteed, as proven here.
  • Warn your audience about the ability to watch you right inside Twitter when you’re using your embed Kapsuli player.

[ Rarely Asked Questions ] Why don’t you ask that?!

If you would eat yourself, would you become twice as big or would you completely disappear ?
Excellent question, please contact our friend Scott.

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