Twitter for your Twitch Stream : the Gam3k3y’s lesson

“It also makes advertising through Twitter for my sponsorship’s a breeze, since I can have them preset for everyday use.” — Anthony, aka Gam3k3y.

Quick summary

Short Bio

Kapsuli Proud User : @Gam3k3y
Influencer for EA & Battlefield1 | Brand Ambassador & Twitch Affiliate
Twitter Followers : 3 096
Twitch Followers : 6 165

Key Objectives with Kapsuli

1. Being able to tweet continuously during marathon stream.
2. Save time with preset image tweets for sponsors and brands.

😇 Behind the scenes Interview

Hey, can you tell us more about yourself, your Twitch channel identity, your own plans and the games you livestream ?

Well, my name isAnthony but my friends call me Gam3k3y. 
I’ve used the handle since I was a kid, assuming it was the name of the main character from Monster Rancher cartoon series. Sadly mistaken his name is Genki and I’ve not known for 20+ years - lol. 
I’m a variety streamer at heart because I believe in variety being the spice of life. I’m currently wrapped up in Trove. The community support is amazing and I’ve never managed to find a community so engaging willing to help others regardless of platform (Xbox One, PS4 & pc). Since I started playing the community is reaching for the sky because I love high engagement and fun community play. I thrive off the good vibes and fun that we are having every single day. I plan on reaching for Twitch Partnership and growing as a broadcaster. Eventually, we will be changing games up at least a few times out of the week for ones like Battlefield 1 (PC) and PUBG.

How many times do you stream per week ?


On average, how much time do you stream ?

More than 6 hours.

How many concurrent viewers do you have on Twitch on average ?

Between 20 and 50.

How would you pitch the Kapsuli App to a streamer friend ?

It’s an awesome system where you can setup your tweets to go out for the stream. You can even change out tweets to be sent out as you reach milestones for the day whether it’s hours streamed, number of viewers, or even time after your stream has finished.

What problems does Kapsuli solve for you Anthony as a 6/7 Twitch streamer ?

I don’t need to stop and send out tweets mid stream regardless of the games I play. It also makes advertising through Twitter for my sponsorship’s a breeze, since I can have them preset for everyday use.

What’s your favorite real-time Kapsuli trigger ? Tell us why!

My favorite trigger I would have to say is time streamed. Since I continuously stream 8 hours a day, I can rely on the fact that every hour I am promoting my broadcast or showing off what I use every single day.

Let’s speak about your saved livetweeting sessions. How many did you create and save so far ? What is your segmentation strategy ?

I only have 2 sessions saved right now. I have my marathon broadcasts session to let folks know we are in for the long haul! Then I have my everyday use which I mix up with random tweets when I have a break in between sessions of the stream.

How much time per week can you save up by using Kapsuli ?

I can save a couple hours each week by never having to stop and tweet anything out. I have it all right there ready to advertise through Kapsuli with my preset images.

Did you notice any extra-viewers since you are leveraging Kapsuli ? If yes, how many ?

I’ve noticed during our marathons we are getting the attention of folks at all hours of the day. Also adding to changes on the Twitch platform and mobile apps, I thinks its skyrocketed me into a growth that I now have no control over.

What’s the Kapsuli impact on your Twitter followers and Twitter engagement ?

It’s a notifier if anything with the notice indicators missing from other platforms due to updates or bugs. I feel it helps let them know we are live and when we start the stream.

What are some ideas you would like Kapsuli to implement in the future?

Randomized tweet notifications based on known average channel growth, viewership, or Twitter growth.

Anything you would like to say to people reading that article ?

If your curious about streaming, regardless of your platform of choice, all you need to do is start. No one is going to see you unless you share yourself and what you do with community. Let’s be kind to everyone, make friends, and be stern to those who need it.

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