We’ve been listening to you: now let’s go!

Kapsuli is the 1st social media tool made for Twitch streamers.
We make it super easy for livestreamers to grow their viewership and save time on Twitter.

Schedule tweets to be sent at key moments of your Twitch live, save them inside sessions, easily add them to your livequeue in one-click. More views, less time!

Yes, we want to build with you a product that matters for you 👍

We granted access to Kapsuli to some alpha users few months ago.

As you know, the 3 of us still have some jobs on the side - so we are working hardly on evenings and week-ends to release the best platform as possible and we hope to go full-time on Kapsuli as soon as possible.

Let’s be upfront, here’s what we noticed during this 1st private beta period :

The Saved Sessions feature can help broadcasters segment and organize their strategy, yet our 1st UI made it difficult for you to leverage this :(

The ability to send strong tweets at key moments of your live (stream start, at X min into your stream, when you change game, over X viewers, X minutes after you go offline, now) helps you communicate consistently during your broadcast, hence driving more views with quality content.

Otherwise, how would you tweet that kind of content in the middle of your stream? With the right pic and the right hashtags?

However, again, our first UI made it kind of hard for you to grasp this unfair advantage as a streamer.

  • We also need to produce educationnal contents to help you improve your social media outreach.

We give you a tool. But if you really want to outperform with Kapsuli, you need to optimize your tweets and your saved sessions. That’s why we started releasing that kind of blogpost about Twitch and Twitter for livestreamers.

What’s new in the UI you’re going to enjoy soon? ☝

Good question! Our brand new version is now live… and all streamers who have applied for it here will get access to it progressively in the next few weeks.

Here are the big changes :

• No more bugs regarding images or GIFs: our strong servers let you add as many of them as you want in your (unlimited) saved sessions.

  • No more drag-and-drop for an easier navigation.
Our first users looked like this with the drag-and-drop version.
  • Your livequeue remains always open: get an overview of your scheduled tweets in seconds.
  • We can now onboard as many streamers as we want by simply increasing our servers capabilities in a click.
If you already applied for the beta, we’ll soon send you an email and a tweet. If you haven’t yet... Well. Do it now.

And much more coming!

To be honest, here our next (common) objectives:

#1 Get at least 100 active users.
By active users, we mean users who have at least created and saved one session and leverage Kapsuli at least 2 times a week.

#2 Validate the business model with you.
For the time being, we plan to make Kapsuli available for a “less than a Twitch subs” monthly fee. But we want to co-create our pricing with you.
As well, if you’re pretty sure about paying this kind of small monthly fee for our platform, feel free to send me a direct mail on tim@kapsuli.com and I’ll give you instant access 😇

#3 Develop our next features. Shhhhh… you’ll hear about that pretty soon.

Thanks a lot everyone who support us in this journey of building the 1st social media tool made for livestreamers.

Only the beginning 🐣

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