‘I never thought I’d see the day that butter would be a luxury.’ ‘I can’t look at #OITNB the same after this.’ ‘Why am I really here?’

Racing through my mind aside from these questions was the safety of my children. Including my unborn. 12 weeks in and surprisingly I’m already getting special treatment. Go figure.

As life strums on, we’re always reminded of that one resounding beat. Everything happens for a reason.

Who knew a drive home would lead to a DCSO jump suit, strip search, and an extra sack after chow. A misdemeanor warrant is all I knew. For what? Your guess is as good as mine. No tears. Just questions. For those around me. Most for myself but all for God.

What is the lesson? And when will I know I learned it? How will I know I passed the test?

Considering the fact that I’m writing this piece from bed, I think I figured it out!

My cell mate was a straight talker, in the best of ways and questions were my comeback. All in all my lesson came from her. And it couldn’t have been more timely!

In the midst of the most devastating, exhausting, and gut wrenching periods of my life I couldn’t help but ask the woman with all the answers this question: How many no’s did it take you before you actually hit gold? And her answer was well said, simple but thoroughly thought through. And it’s in that beautiful picture above.

So my word to you is , as I look myself in my own mirror, no matter how many times you’ve been turned around, knocked off balance or bumped back to last place please KEEP GOING!

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