A collection of blog posts about the International Design in Government Conference

17–18 July 2018 | London

Kara Kane
Kara Kane
Oct 3, 2018 · 3 min read

During 17–18 July we ran the first International Design Conference in London. The conference brought together 220 international community members from 26 countries.

Chris Govias presenting a keynote at Day 1 of the International Design in Government Conference

We’ve collated some stories, presentations, and tools and methods from the conference:

Marie Cheung, a service design formerly at the UK’s Department of Work and Pensions she wrote about her workshop — Outcome based service mapping:

Benjy Stanton, interaction designer at the UK’s Office of National Statistics summarised conference day 1:

Simon Kaplan, content lead at Citizens Advice wrote about the Citizens Advice workshop — Co-designing assisted digital solutions to help people access online accounts:

Andy Jones, designer at the UK’s Gambling Commission reflected on Vimla Appadoo’s presentation — The Service Design Cycle:

Maike Klip, UX designer at the Dutch Education Executive Agency wrote about her workshop — Get started with design thinking in government

Sanjan Sabherwal, policy designer at UK’s Policy Lab blogged about the Policy Lab workshop — ‘How can we use design to tackle complex government policy problems?’:

Michelle Thong, Service Innovation Lead, City of San Jose, USA wrote about her presentation — Being a Multiplier: Why Government Designers Need to Do Less & Lead More:

Margot Lagendijk and Charlotte van Lijnden from the Dutch Gebruiker Centraal (user needs first) community shared their UX Maturity Score workshop materials:

Francesco de Augustinis, UX writer at the Italian Digital Transformation Team captured the Designers Italia experience at the conference:

Victor Zuydweg, member of the Dutch Gebruiker Centraal (user needs first) community wrote about what they learned at the conference:

Vimla Appadoo, service designer at Futuregov wrote about her presentation on selling service design.

Vicky Teinaki, wrote about some key themes from the conference:

Marietta Le, from Jarokelo.hu, Hungary wrote about the outcomes of a workshop they attended:

Beth Fox recapped her presentation — Without a Formal Mandate:

How to join the community:

The international design in government community is open to user-centred design practitioners working in any government. Apply to join the Google Group: https://groups.google.com/a/digital.cabinet-office.gov.uk/forum/?hl=en-GB#!forum/international-govdesign.

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