Industry Research Project: Open Innovation + Online Communities

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I’m a student at Hyper Island working towards an MA in Digital Experience Design. I’m currently working on an industry research project (Hyper Island’s version of a thesis). My project is about how open innovation and online communities can add value to organisations and innovation teams as well as creatives starting out in their career.

Are you interested in this space or do you currently work in this space as a community manager, community member, student, innovation manager, researcher or other?

If so, I’d love to chat to you and hear about what you’re working on and share some of my findings as well! So far, I’ve spoken to inspiring teams at Jovoto, rLoop, Sense Worldwide, Wayfindr and Luminary Labs!

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Want some more background information? Read on…

Why open innovation + online communities?
The world’s biggest companies like Samsung, Unilever, Facebook, and Philips are using private online communities to provide innovation teams with inspiration, insights, concepts, concept validation, and content creation. At the moment it is a transactional relationship on a project-by-project basis. There is potential to create a more mutually beneficial relationship where community members are dedicated to one challenge over a long period of time and in doing so can feel like a team member, while learning new skills and approaches related to one specific client or industry.

From transaction to partnership:
Online communities like OpenIDEO help community members learn skills and approaches such as human-centred design, collaboration, and feedback as well as immerse participants in processes and approaches used in design and innovation projects. It shows how online communities are shifting from crowdsourcing platforms to co-creation platforms where participants and clients work together to solve problems and become partners rather than viewing participants as assets providing ideas.

As millennials continue to shift the norms of work to more flexible hours, remote working, and freelance project-based work, what role will online communities play? How can online communities support this shift in attitudes and behaviours towards work and provide mutual benefit for creatives and clients?

Some topics and questions to explore:
These will most likely change as the project progresses!

1. Supporting new designers
How can online communities support designers starting their career?

2. Working in remote teams
How can remote teams collaborate on online communities?

3. Learning new skills and gaining industry knowledge
How can online communities support learning and feedback, and help new designers understand how different industries/clients work?

4. From crowdsourcing to co-creation
How can online community members become partners with clients, rather than working on a project-by-project basis?

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