Accessorizing: How to Wear Rings With Confidence

So you think you can pull off wearing a ring? Well, you are probably right. While many men hesitate to try out rings as an accessory (excluding wedding bands), what they don’t realize is that a ring can be the tiny little detail to push your look from good to outstanding. Sometimes, these rings can be from an academy or fraternity. Other times, a ring might simply be something you saw in a store and wanted to try out. If you would like to add rings to your repertoire, here are a few guidelines to remember:

  • Choose your look. In a professional or formal setting, you don’t want to walk into a room and have your ring be the first thing people spot on you. Instead, it should be an accessory people notice secondarily (but don’t worry, they will notice). In more informal settings, like parties, it’s okay to go for a little more bling. Whatever your situation is, choose your rings according to the message you want to project.
  • Don’t worry about left or right. Unlike men’s earrings, it doesn’t really matter whether you wear your rings on your left or right hand (excluding wedding rings, which, depending on your culture, are strongly suggested to be worn on either the right or left hand).
  • Less is more. In general, one ring per hand, or even one ring on one hand, is enough to let you flex your fashion sense, especially in professional roles. Wearing multiple rings on each hand is only for the seasoned connoisseur, and should only be attempted once you’ve mastered the art of wearing one ring per hand.
  • Buy quality. While you may think that people can’t spot the different between a cheap ring and a quality ring, trust us, they can. You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars to stick with real gold and real silver. By contrast, fake materials often leave a green color on the skin, and might cause allergic reactions.
  • Maintain proportion. Men with smaller hands would do better with smaller rings; men with larger hands would do better with larger rings. By wearing rings in proportion to your hand size, you keep your look sleek.

If it sounds like rings are a tough accessory to master, you’re not all wrong. However, because they can add an additional level of class your outfit, mastering the look might just be worth the effort.

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Originally published at on March 16, 2016.