Dressing For Your Body: Suiting Tips That Actually Slim Your Look

Getting a great fitting suit can be difficult, and it can be even more difficult if you’ve put on a little weight around the middle. Many suits designed for larger men can also be overly big in other areas that you don’t need, making your outfit as a whole look very poorly put together.

But don’t fret. This week, we’re going to talk about how you can dress to impress with your portly shape.

  1. Aim for LightWeight Suits, and Ones That are More Simple in Construction

Lightweight suits are your friend. Heavier suits (in addition to cooking you at that outdoor business meeting) are thicker, and will add to your visual weight. Suits that also have a simpler construction (fewer lines) are more likely to evenly cover your body, making sure that your stomach isn’t a prominent feature.

2. Go For a Darker Color and a Double Breasted Jacket

Everyone knows that black is slimming. While we won’t tell you to get a black suit outright (as it’s not one of the more useful suits you can get), we will say that a dark gray or dark blue will help slim you down. That, and a double-breasted jacket naturally has more girth, so you’re less likely to either look or feel constrained within it.

3. Go With Suspenders Over a Belt

A belt tends to tighten underneath belly fat, making an already bigger belly stick out more. Suspenders however, don’t, and can avoid making it look like you have a protruding gut because of the different way they hold your pants up.

4. Add a Pocket Square

Using a dark suit, with clean lines, and adding a pocket square to the mix will add a splash of detail that will make you look much more stylishly dressed than a thinner man who doesn’t have his entire outfit working for him.

If you’re a bigger man in need of a great fitting suit, visit Karako Custom today and we’ll help make sure you walk away with everything you need.

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Originally published at www.karakosuits.com on April 11, 2017.