Pulling the Outfit Together: Keys to a Great Belt

One of the smallest but simplest ways to undo your look is wearing the wrong kind of belt. It’s actually very easy to overlook the belt–most men tend to cycle between 2–3 belts in their collection of either the standard black or brown variety. But this week we’re going to give you some tips on how to make the belt a great piece in making your outfit look even more professional and classy.

  1. The Size of The Belt Matters

This should be simple enough, but your belt should always have some of the strap to the left once it’s buckled. Not only does it look correct, but it’s utilitarian as well. We all like to think that we’ll always be the same size and shape as we are now, but more often than not, we’ll grow, or shrink, around the mid-section depending on what’s happening in our lives. You don’t want to be stuck in a situation where you have a belt without extra room or that can’t be tightened a few notches when you’re not the same size you once were. That kind of problem can make any outfit look sloppy no matter how on pointe the rest of it is.

2. The Smaller the Buckle, the More Formal the Setting

While you can generally mix and match belts, a good rule of thumb is: the classier or more professional belt, the smaller the buckle will be. An easy frame of references is the closer the buckle looks like a WWE champion belt, the less likely you can wear it to the job interview. The material also makes a difference as well. While you can go with many different fabrics, leather always makes a great first impression as opposed to a woven belt or some other material. If the outfit is for a more casual night out? Then all sorts of materials can work. But on the job, play it safe with some leather.

3. ALWAYS Match Your Shoes with Your Belt

There are extremely few exceptions to this rule. The vast majority of men absolutely need to make sure their shoes and belt match perfectly. For some of you, this can be a bit more difficult (those dark red shoes may complement your suit nicely, but finding a belt that’s similar enough? Far more difficult). By not matching (or at the very least, not complementing), you’ll look like a mess no matter how put together the rest of your outfit is.

Those are the basics in finding a belt that will fit you well and hold your outfit together. There are many more facets to belts–particularly if you decide you want to wear ones that are far flashier and become the centerpieces of your outfits–but this is a good starting point. If you’re looking to add to your belt collection, take a look at some of the belts we offer at Karako Suits.

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Originally published at www.karakosuits.com on September 1, 2016.

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